MYOB: Making Life Easier, And More Rewarding For Small Business

By Emeric Brard
on 2 September 2019

MYOB provides online management to around 1.2 million businesses across Australia and New Zealand so its upcoming MYOB Rewards program seems a natural fit.

“We are excited about the joyful moments MYOB Rewards will give small businesses day to day,” said David Weickhardt, MYOB’s General Manager of Product.

MYOB plans to kick off the first stage of the Rewards program in October to provide benefits to small businesses. The goal is to simplify the processes of accounting, payroll, and tax management which will come with rewards on the side for small businesses.

MYOB Office, Business, Desk
MYOB announced its plan to launch a Rewards program to help small business

“We work continuously to innovate our platform in ways that makes doing business effortless for our clients,” adds David Weickhardt. “What could be better than allowing that owner to turn daily transactions they already do into additional rewards?”

So…how does it work?

Starting in October, small businesses can start racking up points obtained by purchasing MYOB’s services via MYOB PayBy, which essentially allows customers to use credit cards for supplier and payroll payments to allow for flexibility. The more points accumulated, the more rewards. These rewards can range from travel or gift cards that can cover expenses such as accommodation and flights when travelling, and can even be used for customer rewards if they so desire. Each businesses’s points balance can easily be monitored via a bespoke points engine, found on a seperate site and accessible with a MYOB login.

On top of that, small businesses will now have low cost debit card options for supplier and payroll payments, and although these transactions won’t accumulate points, they will increase flexible payment options. 

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