How To Never Miss A Selfie With This Free Timer Camera

By Frederique Bros
on 15 April 2014

The word selfie is now part of our everyday vocabulary. Everyone is doing it, sharing on social media or showing our selfies to our friends on our phones. Unless your are a top model, our selfies are not always perfect, which is making us taking pictures at least 2 or 3 times before getting the right one. A good selfie is when you don’t see your arm on the photo. Reaching the camera button, smiling or striking a pose in same time can be funny and tricky. I found this great free app with a self timer countdown! How To Never Miss A Selfie With This Free Timer Camera.

Selfie Timer Camera – Free iPhone

Take the perfect selfie without awkwardly reaching for the camera button on your phone! Set the self timer countdown and perfect your pose before the timer reaches 0 then easily transform your selfie from simple to stunning in seconds. This app that will make you look your absolute best!

You can also put somewhere your phone, start the timer and strike a pose.

Selfie Timer Camera Features: 

  • Self Timer Countdown
  • Set 5 seconds, 10 seconds, all the way to 60 seconds
  • Take blur-free selfies and photos
  • Place your phone on a table and run into a picture with your friends
  • Perfect if taking selfies with friends so everyone can prepare the perfect pout before the countdown ends
  • Add fun filters, borders, text and accessories
  • Save and share your perfect selfie on Instagram and Facebook
Final Touches! 

Crop and rotate your photo, to minimize any background distractions. Add fun accessories such as hipster glasses, bow ties and hats! Choose a clean, girly or grungy border to compliment the perfect filter. Before you post your selfie for all to see, add motivational, or clever captions to your photo! Now go ahead and share your gorgeous Selfie on Instagram or Facebook! Don’t forget to hashtag #selfieapp on Instagram so we can see your stunning creations!


“Awesome self timer app.”

“This app does exactly what it says! Very useful for taking selfies with friends!”

“Simple and effective. Really helps when taking selfies. Nice.”

“Simple and easy to use.”



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