New AR Features From Messenger Make Gaming More Interactive And Social

By Women Love Tech
on 13 August 2018

Move aside Pokémon, Facebook is coming for your Augmented Reality gaming crown. Or is it? Last week, Facebook Messenger announced a new Augmented Reality (AR) software feature called AR Games, as part of Messenger’s video chat. A collection of interactive games that use AR filter technology, AR Games allow you to challenge your friends to a friendly (or maybe not that friendly) game in real time on video chat.

This feature allows up to six people to play at a time, making the gaming experience much more interactive, social, and fun.

The feature includes AR games like:

  • Don’t Smile: See who can keep a straight face the longest by practicing your poker face as you challenge your friends with Don’t Smile. Whoever cracks first will see their face turn into a big goofy grin, which isn’t a bad way to “lose” a game, tbh.
  • Asteroids Attack: In this fun, space navigation game, find a funky little spaceship perched on your nose – it’s now your mission to protect this spaceship from pesky asteroids in a chaotic intergalactic space!

Messenger will also be rolling out more games in the coming weeks and months, including passing a beach ball back and forth with Beach Bump and a cat game (because of course) called Kitten Kraze.

You need to have the latest version of Messenger to use the new features and play these games.

Will these AR features and fun games get users addicted to them? We’re not sure they will. But one thing’s for certain – Augmented Reality is here to stay!

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