The New Educational App That Will Change Playtime

Frederique Bros
on 2 February 2016

Educational Technology company launched a revolutionary new app on Android Devices. KidED is bringing a solution to a globally growing issue of kids playing rather than learning. Children are currently wasting far too much time outside of school playing on smartphones and tablets, time that could be spent doing something productive. KidED has a solution. A clever app that runs on the background of the device and pauses the ongoing activity at pre-set intervals, overlaying the screen with educating questions and puzzles.

“Technology is evolving at a fast rate and children are exposed to a range of technology applications from an early age. It is therefore welcoming that KidED has developed a bespoke application that has educational value and will reassure parents that their child is learning whilst using an app for games and fun”. – Laura Henry, Award winning expert in Early Years education both in the UK and internationally

With KidED parents can choose from a wide variety of subjects and monitor their child’s progress, identifying strengths and weak spots. Equipped with a screen-lock timer KidED also gives parents an opportunity to regulate how long their child can use a smartphone or tablet each day.

The structure and content has been developed with the help and support of cognitive scientists and children’s psychologists.

KidED plans to develop an Artificial Intelligence programme which will enable the app to provide each individual child/user a tailored learning experience, at a rate that suits them, maximising development.

The private beta version of KidED has just recently launched which means you can now download KidED by visiting the company website and sign up for updates. New sign ups will also receive a link to download the KidED app via email.

“We wanted to solve a problem that my co-founder first identified with his nephew. Our team has grown since and now many of us here at KidED are also parents who share the same passion. We are all excited to launch our solution to the public, enabling other parents with our app, and continuing to develop our product with their feedback. More importantly, opening up KidED to the public means we are able to help make even more childrens playtime on smart devices productive and educational.” – Martti Luik, CEO KidED.

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