New Gen AI in Adobe Premiere Pro Takes Video Editing To The Next Level

By Alice Duthie
on 15 April 2024

Today, Adobe has previewed new generative AI capabilities within Premiere Pro. These will streamline video creation workflows, assisting pro editors in production.

Gen AI will enable users to add or remove objects in a scene or extend an existing clip. This will join the family of Firefly Gen AI features and will be integrated across Creative Cloud and Adobe Express.


By delivering new generative AI capabilities powered by Adobe Firefly and a variety of third-party models, such as Open AI, you’ll have access to a range of new features without having to leave Premiere Pro.


Here’s an overview of the AI video features coming to Premiere Pro later this year:

Generative Extend

Seamlessly add frames to make clips longer, so it’s easier to perfectly time edits and add smooth transitions. This breakthrough technology solves a common problem professional editors run into every day, allowing them to create extra media for fine-tuning edits, to hold on a shot for an extra beat or to better cover a transition.

Object Addition & Removal

Simply select and track objects, then replace them. Remove unwanted items, change an actor’s wardrobe or quickly add set dressings such as a painting or photorealistic flowers on a desk.


Text to Video

Generate entirely new footage directly within Premiere Pro. Simply type text into a prompt or upload reference images. These clips can be used to ideate and create storyboards, or to create B-roll for augmenting live action footage.

New audio workflows are coming to Premiere Pro in May:

In addition to new gen AI video tools, new audio workflows in Premiere Pro will be coming in May, giving you everything you need to precisely control your video sound.

Interactive fade handles

Editors can create custom audio transitions faster than ever by simply dragging clip handles to create audio fades.

New Essential Sound badge with audio category tagging

AI automatically tags audio clips as dialogue, music, sound effects or ambience, and adds a new icon. soeditors get one-click, instant access to the right controls for the job.

Effect badges

New visual indicators make it easy to see which clips have effects, quickly add new ones, and automatically open effect parameters right from the sequence.

Redesigned waveforms in the timeline

Waveforms intelligently resize as the track height changes on clips, while gorgeous new colors make sequences easier to read.

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