5 Podcasts to Keep You Abreast of News, Culture and Food

Women Love Tech
on 13 November 2022

Women Love Tech has a fresh list of new podcasts that you need to give a try to keep you abreast of news, culture and food. From Uncomfortable Conversations, After Work Drinks, Dish!, The Culture and the Australian news show The Squiz – there’s plenty for you to choose from!

Here are our top five news, culture and food podcasts to keep your feed fresh.

The Culture

The Culture

The Culture is a weekly show hosted by Osman Faruqi focusing on film, music, TV, streaming, books and art. Each episode takes a deep dive into a pop culture moment with a thought-provoking cultural analysis. Think #FreeBritney, the cultural impact of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the rise of The Kid LAROI.

Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps

Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps, podcast

The world has never been more connected. Yet never more divided. We yell at each other from inside our echo chambers. But change doesn’t happen inside an echo chamber. It’s time to get out, to stretch our legs, to step on some land mines and there is no one better to guide these conversations than ABC Radio Host Josh Szeps.

With guests like Thredbo Lanslide survivor Stuart Diver, former Prime Ministers John Howard and Malcolm Turnball and comedian Tim Minchin, you can be assured of some interesting conversations starters for at home.


After Work Drinks

After work drinks

After Work Drinks is a pop-cultural commentary podcast hosted by freelance journalists and former magazine editors Isabelle Truman and Grace O’Neill.

Grace and Izzy provide a feminist lens on the world of pop culture with a global perspective, all whilst feeling like you’re catching up with your best girlfriends for a Friday night drink. Check them out: https://play.acast.com/s/after-work-drinks

Squiz Shortcuts

Squiz Shortcuts

Each week, Squiz Shortcuts gives you the backstory to the big news stories. In the usual Squiz tone, we’ll keep it short and sharp, and opinion-free. If you’re interested in the news but sometimes find there is a whole lot of assumed knowledge which makes it confusing and time-consuming to get across – Squiz Shortcuts is for you. The Squiz is your shortcut to being informed.



Dish!, podcasts

It’s no secret Aussies are food-obsessed – from TV shows like MasterChef to food and wine festivals and Instagram accounts solely dedicated to it – we love to eat and we love to talk about it.

But if you were stranded on a desert island and you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life  –  what would it be? That’s the question hosts Paul Verhoeven and Tegan Higginbotham ask their guest each week and what ensues is a hilarious conversation about food and culture.

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