News Just In: Snapchat Unveils Six Features!

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 14 May 2024

Given their continued popularity, it’s little surprise that social media continues to evolve to enhance the user experience. And, the app beloved by Britney, no exception. Today announcing six new Snapchat features, designed to support the over five billion Snaps created every single day! These new features not only cater to Snapchat’s diverse user base but also highlight the platform’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. So, whether it’s enhancing communication, personal expression or organisation, these updates allow Snapchat to continue to empower its community to connect and express themselves in meaningful ways.

Editable chats

Ever sent a message with a typo or wished to make a quick correction? Soon, Snapchat+ subscribers will have the ability to edit their messages within a five-minute window after sending them. This feature promises to save users from embarrassing autocorrect mishaps and ensure clearer communication with friends.

Emoji reactions

Building upon the Bitmoji reactions introduced in 2022, Snapchat now allows users to react to chats with any emoji of their choice. Whether it’s a hearty laugh or a show of encouragement, expressing emotions in conversations just got more versatile and fun.

My AI reminders

Keeping track of deadlines and important events can be challenging, especially in today’s fast-paced world. With My AI reminders, users can simply ask for a reminder in direct chats or conversations with friends, and the app will set up an in-app countdown. This feature ensures that users never miss a moment, whether it’s a project deadline or a weekend plan.

Map reactions

For those who opt to share their location with friends, Snapchat introduces Map Reactions. Now, users can send waves or hearts to friends on the Snap Map, adding a new layer of interaction and connection as they navigate their daily routines or check in on loved ones’ whereabouts.

Custom Bitmoji looks

Embracing individuality, Snapchat allows users to design custom digital garments for their Bitmoji avatars. With the help of AI, users can generate unique patterns and styles, transforming their Bitmoji’s appearance to reflect their personal tastes and preferences.

AI-powered lenses

Finally, Snapchat’s AI-powered Lenses offer even more ways to express creativity. With the 90s AI Lens, users can transport themselves back in time with a single Snap, immersing themselves in the nostalgia of the ’90s era.

To learn more about the new Snapchat features, download the app or visit their website.

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