Case-Mate Unveils Trendy Mobile Cases for iPhone X Users

By Women Love Tech
on 29 July 2020

Case-Mate, a leading brand of tech accessories, has just announced its latest collection of cases for Apple iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone XR.

The mobile cases are designed to let the user experience both fashion and function. It features something for everyone through three different user personas: “The Dropper, Street Smart, and The Minimalist.

As Case-Mate says ultimate protection never looked so good with the debut of The Protection Collection. This is ideal for “The Dropper,” someone who needs that extra comfort. It boasts five layers of protection, 12+ foot-drop protection, and includes multiple styles to choose from.

For those who care about style and protection equally, “Street Smart” is the right choice for you. It has a 10 ft drop protection and a one-piece platform with flexible sides for enhanced grip.

The next one, the “Minimalist,” holds slimness and functionality first. The styles of this kind of case range from one-piece platforms that are “Barely There” at 2mm thin to a wallet and case all in one.

“What I love about this year’s lineup is that Case-Mate is now providing a style and level of phone protection that suits every consumer,” says Steve Marzio, CEO of Case-Mate.

“What I love about this year’s lineup is that Case-Mate is now providing a style and level of phone protection that suits every consumer

“I have people tell me they wish we made more rugged styles and others that tell me that want something super slim.  Now we have the full range available.”

Case-Mate Mobile Phone Case Designs

All iPhone cases use unique materials like carbon fibre, genuine flowers, and glitter crystals. To name a few:

Ditsy Petals $69.95: Add a dash of spring to your device with this vibrant floral case inspired by ditsy patterns and prints. Genuine, dainty flowers are delicately pressed and suspended in resin with metallic flakes in a dazzling display.

Wallpapers $59.95: Conversational, playful, everyday prints that will turn heads! Inspired by the fastest growing trends, seen on the streets to the runway! Find your perfect case, whether you prefer something minimal or more eye-catching, there’s a style here for you!

Barely There Leather $59.95: Genuine, simple, perfection. Say goodbye to bulk with a stylish take on our classic slim case. Enveloped in genuine smooth leather, our Barely There Leather case gives you a perfect balance between minimalism and style.

Carbon Fiber Protection Collection $69.95: Meet ultimate protection with our Carbon Fiber case. This case is equipped with 5 layers of protection and 12+ foot drop protection. The smooth, genuine carbon fibre pattern is the sleek added touch your device needs. Tough and extremely durable, you can rest assured that your device is safe from all bumps and drops.

Sprinkles $59.95: Filled to the brim with fun multi-coloured ceramic beads that are so eye-catching! Different than anything else you’ve ever seen before, you’ll need to add a Sprinkle to your collection.

Balloon Dog Stand-Ups $14.95: Balloon Dog Stand-Ups aren’t just adorable, they enhance your grip and double as a stand for your device. The suction cup base grips to any smooth surface. Press on to secure, and pop off in a matter of seconds for quick and easy wireless charging. Now available in 5 colours!

Straps $14.95: Use your Strap for an enhanced grip while taking selfies, with the peace of mind that your device is safe from drops. Straps also make your phone more comfortable to hold while texting. Straps free up your hand to hold your coffee, keys, or whatever you have to juggle when you’re on the move! The elastic Straps are durable and flexible, with permanent adhesive glitter accents on each end to secure your device.

Pricing and Availability

Case-Mate’s newest 2018 iPhone collection ranges from $10-$70 AUD and is available for purchase at,, local Australian retailer JBHIFI, major retailers and wireless carrier stores.

About Case-Mate

Since 2006 Case-Mate has been the industry leader in stylish mobile accessories. Using premium materials and decadent styles, the cases we’ve created allow our consumer to express their individual style without sacrificing fashion for protection. Case-Mate’s trusted team of designers, engineers, and fashion connoisseurs have created an extensive collection of styles that let “you be you.” To keep up with the latest, be sure to follow Case-Mate on all social channels (@casemate).

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