Nightlife and Spotify Make Music Together For A Virtual Jukebox

Nightlife and Spotify Make Music Together For A Virtual Jukebox

After a successful trial in over 600 venues, music technology leader Nightlife Music has joined forces with global streaming giant Spotify to create crowdDJ.

It’s a world-first technology that allows Spotify users to choose and save the music they listen to in entertainment, fitness, and retail venues across Australia.

The app is now officially available Australia-wide, and is set to revolutionise the way music is played and consumed in public; from bars to bowling alleys, family restaurants to fitness clubs.

crowdDJ is the brainchild of Brisbane-based Nightlife Music, Australia’s biggest background music specialist with a listening audience of more than 2 million a week.

Spotify has an open platform API which encourages innovators, such as Nightlife Music, to bring ground-breaking ideas to life. Nightlife Music invested close to $10 million developing a Spotify-friendly platform to support several new music products the company intends to roll out over the next few years.

Managing Director of Nightlife Music, Mark Brownlee told Women Love Tech the technology is the most significant innovation for commercial music in decades.


“Once upon a time you would walk into a pub and put money in a jukebox. Now you simply open our app and choose one of your Spotify songs to play in the venue. Consumers have so much choice through Spotify, but playing music in public venues is much harder and that’s where Nightlife comes in,” Brownlee said.

Partnering with Nightlife will give Spotify access to ears in thousands of venues nationwide while ensuring any music played is commercially licensed.

Head of Business Development Asia-Pacific for Spotify, Michael Richardson said the Nightlife partnership would hit the right note with music fans.

“crowdDJ offers the most personalised public listening experience possible. Not only are fans able to choose music from their existing Spotify favourites to play in-venue, but they’ll also be able to save any venue playlist they’ve loved so they can listen to it later on Spotify,” said Richardson.

Libby Jane Charleston

Written by Libby Jane Charleston

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