Top 5 Podcasts to Keep You Intrigued and Motivated

Emeric Brard
on 22 January 2021

Women Love Tech has given you a selection ranging from comedy to real-life dramas to heartbreaking stories of refuge. Tune into these while on the couch, in the car, in bed, while cooking, while on the toilet…literally while doing anything.

Aunty Donna

November podcasts, aunty donna
Aunty Donna Podcast

You can binge on over 200 hilarious episodes of Aunty Donna. The unique style of comedy employed by hosts and friends Mark, Broden and Zach is what led to their explosion onto the Melbourne comedy scene back in 2012. Don’t miss out a single episode of its fast-paced absurdity!

No Bullsh!t Leadership

No Bullsh!t Leadership, podcast
No Bullsh!t Leadership Podcast

Do you want to be an exceptional leader? Then look no further than Martin Moore’s podcast. In No Bullsh!t Leadership, Moore shares with you his tips that you’re sure to not learn at business school or from any of your bosses. Push aside theory and the “Bullsh!t” and take notes from someone who’s been there and done that.

The Nurse

The Nurse, November podcast
The Nurse Podcast

This is a simple story about a nurse operating in a small, quiet town of Tasmania, right? What’s so interesting about that? Well, this nurse has a dark backstory involving sexual assault while he exploited his father figure-like with the children he worked with.

Hear from childhood sexual assault survivors sharing their stories for the first time.

The Sportsgrad Podcast

The SportsGrad Podcast
The SportsGrad Podcast

As in the title, this is “your bite-sized guide to enter the sports industry.” If you’re a young professional looking to work in the sports industry, then this is definitely your go-to podcast.

The Wait

The Wait, November podcast
The Wait Podcast

Immerse yourselves into the life of a refugee. In Jakarta, without rights, and only her dog named Bella; Nicole Curby shows you what life for Mozhgan Moarefizadeh and others who are trapped on Australia’s new borderline, in Indonesia.

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