Now You Can Use AI To Check Out What Skincare Routine You Need

Pamela Connellan
on 25 May 2023

A new product called Phygital Skin AI can analyse your skin and give you recommendations about what skincare is best for you. This new product has been made by a new partnership between the European AI company Haut.AI and USP Indicator Solutions – a sensory beauty brand – and it promises to combine clinical-level skin analysis with personalised recommendations to solve the problem of customers quitting skin routines before they see the effect.

With Phygital Skin AI, beauty brands can become trusted advisors for effective skincare solutions becasue with this new product, retailers can move from simply ‘selling’ to ‘solving’ their customer’s issues both in-store and online. Phygital Skin AI provides AI and physical on-skin testers which give customers detailed skin scores. Then a mobile app allows the customers to analyse and track their results so they can make educated decisions and find a tailored selection of products for their skin type.

As Diego Kanda Diwidi, the CEO at USP Indicator Solutions says: “Haut.AI and USP Indicator Solutions are proud to announce their partnership to offer advanced phygital skin analysis to consumers in the comfort of their own homes. This partnership combines USP’s sensory skin testers that provide rich data on skin needs with Haut.AI’s best-in-class selfie-based visual analysis.”

Now you can use AI to analyse your skin – with Phygital Skin AI.

Diego continued saying: “The aim is to enable beauty brands to provide personalised solutions for their customers based on in-depth consumer data analysis rather than simply selling products. This will benefit consumers who often lack the knowledge and resources to find products that work well with their skin type, purchasing products that may not be right for them. We’re excited about this partnership with Haut.AI as it allows us to accelerate in providing reliable, digitally personalised skincare analytic solutions for beauty brands both online and offline.”

Phygital Skin AI could be set to revolutionise the skincare industry by providing consumers with this personalised skincare experience. With clinical-level skin analysis and testers touching the skin, the product allows them to offer personalised recommendations and they can become trusted advisors for effective skincare solutions.

AI Scanner
Simply take a selfie and then go to the app and you can find out what’s your best skincare routine.
Anastasia Georgievskaya, co-founder and CEO of Haut.AI says their AI skin analysis tool is best-in-class.

Anastasia Georgievskaya, the co-founder and CEO of Haut.Ai says: “Our AI skin analysis tool is best-in-class, comparing user data points with the ‘standard’ for their demographic and lifestyle, and is further enriched by environmental information like pollution and sun intensity at the time of the analysis. We are thrilled to partner with USP Solutions and help companies and manufacturers engage with and educate their customers in a more personalised way.”

About Haut.AI: Haut.AI is a European AI company which delivers hyper-personalised skincare and beauty experiences. Backed by its research, science, and tech teams, Haut.AI’s SaaS platform was trained on three million data points to evaluate more than 150 unique multidimensional face biomarkers to deliver interactive, customised aesthetic recommendations from a quick snap of a selfie. As a proudly women-led company, Haut.AI’s mission is to make personalised skincare the new standard for global beauty and wellness brands powered by AI.

About USP Solutions: USP Indicator Solutions works in Sensory Beauty Brand Activation in the Cosmetics Industry. The company partners with beauty brands to enhance their consumer engagement, achieve higher conversion to purchase, and boost their ROI by adding sensory marketing demo tools to their phygital brand activations.

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