NSW Government Backs Smart Car Technology

By Women Love Tech
on 19 June 2018

Imagine a ‘fitness tracker’ for cars that allow drivers to analyse data from their car computer to better manage insurers, mechanics and other car-related services. Well, there is one and the NSW Government is backing it.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Small Business John Barilaro said the technology was developed with the assistance of a $55,000 grant from the NSW Government-backed Jobs for NSW.

Co-founder Roy Cooke with the dongle

“Jobs for NSW is all about helping our start-ups and small businesses create new jobs with a range of financial support – including grants, loans and loan guarantees – as an investment in our future economy,” Mr Barilaro said.

iungo CEO Roy Cooke said the company, which operates out of the Stone and Chalk fintech incubator at the Sydney Startup Hub, has developed an internet of things (IoT) based data platform which uses algorithms and cloud computing to collect, analyse and report on vehicle operating data known as ‘Connected Car Services’.

“Cars have had powerful computers in them for years generating a massive amount of data but until now drivers have been unable to leverage it for their daily use,” he said.

“By connecting car computers to the cloud we can use the data in real time to provide services ranging from usage based insurance to smarter roadside assistance and remote diagnosis of car problems.

“Also, this data can improve driver performance to make our roads safer, increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.”

iungo aims to further develop its digital driving assistant to provide a range of driver support: driving history data to help motorists save money on insurance quotes; diagnoses of early warning signs of impending car breakdowns before they occur and recommendations on repair options; and advice on traffic alerts, parking spots, and alerts to emergency services in the event of an accident.

iungo conducted a pilot using the Jobs for NSW grant that helped secure an investment partnership with Pickles.

“Pickles believes that iungo has an innovative and fresh approach to using car data in Australia and are excited to be accelerating their expansion locally,” said Simon Meyrick, GM of Pickles Ventures.

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