Olympic Swim Champion Stephanie Rice’s 3 Favourite Lifestyle Apps

Olympic Swim Champion Stephanie Rice's 3 Favourite Lifestyle Apps

Health and wellness inspiration and mindset coach and Olympic gold medallist, Stephanie Rice knows what it’s like to keep fit and healthy. Here, she tells Women Love Tech what her three favourite health apps are and why and shares her tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Olympic Swim Champion Stephanie Rice's 3 Favourite Lifestyle Apps 2
Olympic Swim Champion Stephanie Rice and brand ambassador for the Australian beauty product Unichi

With her focus on inspiring others to be the best they can, Stephanie – a brand ambassador for the Australian beauty product Unichi said: “Through my mindset coaching, I am always sharing the importance of women believing in themselves and feeling worthy, which all starts from within.

“I believe beauty is a reflection of how we see ourselves and I want to help women all over the world look and feel healthy.”

An Australian company established in 2015, Unichi is a smart player in the booming global marketplace. Specialising in women’s health and wellbeing, the brand is available at Priceline.

Stephanie Rice’s favourite three health and beauty apps 

1. Calm app – number one app for sleep and meditation. Voted by Apple App Store as Best App of the Year 2017.

2. YouTube Videos – Boho beautiful workouts, Louise Hay meditations or Abraham Hicks guidance.

3. Audible … I LOVE listening to audiobooks in the car, doing house work, making my bed in the morning or walking.

Stephanie’s health + wellness tips

  1. Start your day with a lemon water tea, using half a lemon or lime and a teaspoon of coconut oil in hot water. I’ve recently also been having this with 2  Saffronia tablets which are a natural mood enhancer to make sure I’m kickstarting each day.
  2. Prime your mind for success each day by doing some form of meditation or visualisation exercise. I do this every single day no matter where I am in the world as it keeps me upbeat, positive and optimistic about achieving my future goals.
  3. The key to improving your body is by being consistent, so do 15-20 minute of body weight focused exercise 5 x a week. It’s better to workout four times a week for 20 minutes, than 2 two hours block once a week. The manageable time chunks means you’ll go harder and stay more motivated. 

Robyn Foyster

Written by Robyn Foyster

Robyn Foyster is an award-winning journalist and former Editor-In-Chief of The Australian Women's Weekly. She is also the owner and publisher of Women Love Tech, Game Changers and The Carousel. Robyn is the owner and founder of a tech business called AR tech, where she helped create the world's first AR community shopping app called Sweep and her team produced the 2018 Vivid app. She is a speaker and a judge of the Telstra Business Awards and Mumbrella Awards. Robyn is passionate about supporting women in STEM.

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