The One Minute Guide To Cook A Great Meal On A Budget

By Frederique Bros
on 22 July 2014

My friends who were unlucky to taste my food will tell you, they are almost in a panic when I re-invite them for dinner because they know how terrible I am in the kitchen. They don’t understand why a French woman like me doesn’t like drinking coffee or cooking, maybe I am an alien, and I don’t know!

The One Minute Guide To Cook A Great Meal On A Budget

I did an experience; I am not a queen in the kitchen but I certainly know how to use a computer, tablet, or phone!  I did some research on some simple vegetarian recipe apps, easy to prepare and cook. Most importantly, I found a FREE app to help me cook properly a great dish for my friends without poisoning them!

I love pasta, you can mix it with everything, everyone loves it and you can cook a great meal on a budget!

I found this great free app; Pasta Recipe. I uploaded it to my iPad, picked a recipe and organised a dinner for my friends. They were so surprised at how good was my pasta that they didn’t believe I cooked it myself! Lol!

Anyway, if I can cook pasta you can do it too!

Pasta Recipe – FREE – iPad

Their larger collection of pasta recipes includes flavours for every palate and all occasions, from simple basil pesto to creamy cheese sauces. You’ll find the pasta you’re looking for here.

Pasta Recipes Free has more than 1500 pasta recipes. Discover quick solutions for deliciously easy pasta recipes and dishes. 

Pasta Recipes including

  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Collection of 1500 pasta recipes
  • -You can search and add your favourites
  • You can share recipes with your friends
  • Easy to navigate, simple to use
  • No wifi is needed. You can check recipes anywhere you want
  • A must-have recipe app for you!

Easy To use

  • Pick between the app categories (broccoli, low-fat, pasta salads, etc…)
  • When you select your ingredient, on the right side, you have the dish’s pic, with prep time, cook time and serving.
  • Below is the ingredients list and the cooking institutions

Pasta’s Benefits  

– Sustained energy: Carbohydrates like pasta provide glucose, the crucial fuel for your brain and muscles.

– Low sodium and cholesterol-free

– Folic acid: enriched pasta is fortified with folic acid, essential for women of childbearing age.

– Balanced diet: pasta is part of a well-balanced diet

– Current dietary guidance calls for up to 65% of daily calories to come from carbohydrates, such as pasta.

– Low GI: pasta has a low Glycemic Index (GI) so it does not cause blood glucose levels to rise quickly.  Blood glucose is sometimes referred to as blood “sugar”.

I am using this app all the time now, and it’s a great app to keep on your iPad.

If you know other good great free apps to cook on a budget, please share them!

Image Credit: Google

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