Oppo R11 Review: Battery Life, Camera, Design And Speed

Michael Townsend
on 29 September 2017

Oppo has yet again delivered an elegant but practical smartphone at a budget price.

When it comes to phones, there are a few things that really matter: battery life, camera, look and feel, speed and price.

The Oppo R11 delivers on all fronts.

Firstly, let’s look at the battery life. A phone needs to be capable of lasting a full day without charging, but… we all know what it’s like to wake up and realise we’re just going to have to make do with 20% for now and work out when we can charge it later. Not with the R11. Lasting 11-12 hours of active use, you’ll probably wake up with it over 50%. And even if in a worst case scenario you forgot to charge it for a few days running then, assuming you take 30 minutes to get ready to go, it’ll be at 70% for you when you want to head out the door.

Image Captured using Oppo R11

Next up is the camera. In our review of the R9 (https://womenlovetech.com/oppo-r9s-review-surprising-features-impressive-camera/) we didn’t think there’s much more you could ask for in a smartphone’s camera. But here we are: with a dual 20MP camera with phase detection autofocus, you can now zoom in on whatever you’d like while still being able to get that perfect shot. What’s more is the selfie camera is of the same high quality, with tonnes of cool effects which are super easy to use.

The camera slick design

The camera also has a slick design, clearly inspired by the iPhone. However, even with its 5.5” display, because of its smoothed edges it feels even better than it looks.

Finally, its speed and price. The R11 uses the Snapdragon 660 and has a very nice 4GB of RAM which all is to say that it will operate very smoothly. Furthermore this is at a budget price of $649 which is particularly impressive given all the phone has to offer.

There are also a number of other features which are worthy of a mention, such as its incredibly quick fingerprint sensor, solid speakers and beautiful display. These all serve to massively improve the quality of life as a user, and are the finishing touches to a great product.

Oppo R11 Colours

Overall, the R11 is the ideal phone for someone who wants something practical, elegant and with a top of the line camera. Its user operating system is simple to use, especially for those used to iOS, and all of this is available without needing to spend over a $1000+ for something very similar.

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