Orbit Helps You Find Your Misplaced Items, When You Need Them

Find your keys, glasses, phone, wallet etc. with just one touch , and the free Orbit app. It's really that easy!

Orbit Helps You Find Your Misplaced Items, When You Need Them

If misplacing your keys, wallet, phone etc. is the kind of unfortunate habit you’ve been cursed with, it might be time to rejoice. Orbit, a family of rechargeable bluetooth tracking devices that locate lost items in a super-simple one-touch method, is going to make your lives considerably easier.


Imagine never losing your keys, wallet, glasses, phone or any other item again. All you need is an Orbit product and the free app on your phone. Through bluetooth tracking technology, you can locate the connected device by making it ring when it’s in range (like being in “orbit”, get it?), show its current GPS location or find its last known location on the app. Pressing the button on your Orbit product can make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent. The range is approximately 30 m or 100 ft. That’s right, it’s so simple you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s a tease!

What’s more, it is also a selfie remote – you can take the perfect selfie or group shot with just a push of a button on it. No more short arm problems while taking selfies!

The range also keys, a Card (for your wallet), glasses, wallet, Powerbank, and a stick-on Orbit.

Orbit card

You can download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play.

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