New OVO Mobile Plan for Tweens and Teens That’s 40% Cheaper

By Libby Jane Charleston
on 11 January 2017

OVO Mobile’s new plan has robust parental controls and security thanks to an alignment with Family Zone. Designed specifically for tweens and teens, the plan is 40 per cent lower cost than the nearest-priced offering.

OVO Mobile CEO Matt Jones told Women Love Tech the plan is leading the way in specially designed mobile phone plans for children.

“We set out to design a phone plan that is the most affordable on the market and delivers an unrivalled deal that beats all our competitors and we have listened to parents who want inbuilt safeguards to protect their children,” Jones said.

“The reality is that children are getting a mobile phone at a much younger age each year, currently it is ten in Australia. Parents want to stay connected with their children when they’re travelling on their own to and from school and split families see mobiles as an easy way to stay in touch. But they are also concerned about keeping their children safe and that’s why we are inbuilding security measures to provide that peace of mind.”

The Hero Offer is the first of its kind in the market.

It costs less than $2.50 a week, has no lock-in contracts, $200 worth of calls, 1GB of data, data free streaming of OVO content, unlimited texts and free membership to Family Zone, allowing parents remote supervision of their child’s mobile phone.

“There hasn’t been a competitive mobile plan catering for children until now,” Jones said. “Even the phone giants have continued to ignore parents’ pleas for an affordable plan and peace of mind. Kids don’t make calls, but they need unlimited text, that’s the way they communicate, so we made sure we built a plan that fits their way of communicating with mum, dad and their friends.”

“Family Zone gives parents the power to not only block adult-rated or unrated content, it also notifies them if unsuitable content is being viewed, as well as enforcing study times and bedtime by locking the phone,” Mr Jones added.

The OVO Mobile Hero Offer includes:

* $9.95 per 30 days (auto recharge)

* 1GB included Data

* $200 worth of calls (charged at 40c connection fee and 99c per minute)

* Unlimited SMS/MMS

* Unlimited data free content on OVO’s “OVOPlay” app

* Runs on Optus 4G Plus Networks

* Prepaid only

* No Contract

* Free lifetime subscription to Family Zone valued at $59.40/year.

* Data top ups available 500MB for $5, 1GB for $10


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