A Perfect Driver’s Solution: Navman GPS And DashCam

By Frederique Bros
on 31 August 2016

This is the perfect gadget for drivers who like a combination between a GPS and a dashcam makes sense to drivers. A must-have for prudent drivers.

The new Navman MiVUE Drive is everything a driver needs in the car. The GPS side will provide the best navigational and safety features to help with the everyday drive, while the dashcam will continually record in Full HD in case of an accident to protect drivers from fraudulent accident claims, road rage incidents and providing evidence for insurance when an accident has occurred.




  • Live Traffic Updates
  • Bluetooth Handsfree
  • Zomato Restaurant Guide 
  • Full High Definition camera with clearer, easy-to-view footage from the dashcam, the MiVUE Drive FHD is the perfect companion for any journey.

“We were thrilled with the reception when we first introduced a combined GPS and dashcam to the Australian market, now we’re back with an even better device with new features and enhanced camera quality,” said Wendy Hammond, Country Director Navman Australia.

Other first-class GPS features on the Navman MiVUE Drive FHD include:

  • Lifetime Free Australian and New Zealand Maps; Spoken Safety Alerts which include verbal warnings for red light cameras, speed cameras, combined cameras and school zone alerts during school zone hours.
  • Landmark Guidance which points out landmarks such as petrol stations, traffic lights, and churches to guide you.
  • Premium Driver Alerts uses audio alerts warning you of potentially dangerous changes to the road.

The dashcam captures in Full HD 1080p quality footage with a Wide angle view and F1.8 aperture giving you a clearer image in low light conditions. A 3-Axis G-Shock Sensor will let you know which direction an impact came from and record how the impact happened. Connecting your device to the MiVUE Manager software will give you more information about how an incident transpired such as timing, GPS coordinates and the speed in which you were travelling. All of this combined can help prove who is at fault when an accident happened.


The Navman MiVUE Drive FHD includes a 16GB micro SD card and comes with two-year warranty. Available now at major electronic retailers, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys for $299.

For more information please visit www.navman.com.au

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