Guess Connect Review: A Stunning Looking Smartwatch

By Libby Jane Charleston
on 14 February 2017

Guess Connect is a stunning-looking watch with a traditional face – perfect for those who are reluctant to wear a digital smartwatch on their wrist.

It’s great to see Guess sticking to a traditional timepiece that looks a lot like their other watches – but what sets the Connect watch apart is the small digital display at the bottom of the watch face. It’s just enough to bring the watch into the modern era but I love that it still looks like an ‘ordinary’ watch.

The watch face is round and has a metal bezel plus a metal chassis connecting the body of the watch to the strap. The watch itself is quite thick – my issue is always that I have slim wrists so anything I wear looks quite chunky. But the rubber strap is incredibly comfortable and I didn’t find the large size of the watch too cumbersome.

The right side of the watch features two buttons – the top button is for making calls, receiving messages or summoning Siri (if you’re a fan – I am not!). The lower button has a torch, music control and even a camera app that lets you take photos by opening a camera app on your smartphone.

There’s a tiny grille that poses as a microphone on one side, and a loudspeaker on the other – there’s also a small USB port to charge your watch.

Guess Connect can link with your iOS or Android smartphones in a very simple way once you download the Guess app. I love the simplicity of the watch and the way the digital display just gives you the basic information you need, such as who is calling you.

The downside is for anyone expecting features like step counting or health/heart monitoring – if you want those features you’ll need a different watch. Also, it’s water resistant and not waterproof so you’ll need to take extra care around water.

There’s really a lot to love about Guess Connect: it looks fabulous, the app is simple to use and lets you customise the apps you want on the watch to keep things extra simple. It’s really all about combining the best features of a traditional watch with all that’s fabulous about a smartwatch. So, if you’re looking for a watch that’s beautiful, smart and uncomplicated, Guess Connect will be perfect for you.

Guess Connect features:

  • The watches are compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Built with a fully contained Martian module that sports a microphone and audio speaker.
  • The audio speaker and microphone allow users to give voice commands, talk, listen and respond to texts and emails directly from the watch.
  • Using the free iOS and Android App, users can customise which notifications are received on the watch.
  • Users can recall the most recent notifications with just a tap.
  • Create customisable vibration patterns to distinguish the type of alert that is coming in, making the watch more intuitive and creating another level of efficiency for the user.
  • Water resistant.

RRP: $499.00

Find out more at the Guess website:

Picture Credit: Guess Connect

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