A Perfect Wedding Blog For Any Bride To Be

Frederique Bros
on 5 February 2014

This week we’ve met with the brilliant Emilia who is the co-founder and future bride-to-be of Capriess: Wedding blog, a second hand wedding classified site. In this beautiful blog, any bride can buy or sell wedding and bridesmaid dresses, diamond and engagement rings and even wedding decorations. Adding to this, there is a very useful list of tips from how to order your wedding cake to setting your wedding budget. Welcome to a perfect wedding blog for any bride-to-be.

Can you give us a little background on your career to date?

With a background in retail, business management and online marketing, my entrepreneurial achievements include co-creating, launching and overseeing two websites; Emiliarossi.com.au, offering fashion jewellery and Capriess, a second hand wedding classifieds site, which allows Australians to sell and buy pre-loved wedding items.

Tell us about your blog

The Wedding Blog was launched to invite Australian business owners from all wedding related fields to share their tips and experiences in an effort to provide practical information to anyone planning to get married.

Which kind of smartphone do you have?

iPhone 5

The 3 most persons that you call the most?

I prefer to email or instant message and the people I annoy the most include my Mother and partner.

What is your last SMS?

To organise a coffee date with my friend in the Docklands.

Name 3 apps you use everyday

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

What do you have as a wallpaper?

A Ferrari 458

What is your last tweet?

If you have #wedding items you want to sell, we want to hear from you 🙂

The last picture you pinned on Pinterest?

A wedding cake photo from one of our blog post about Wedding Cakes

What is your last photo taken?

A photo of my fluffy Pomeranian begging for a piece of my juicy steak I had for dinner.

What is your favourite game on your phone?

I can’t name one as I don’t play games on my phone

What is your last Facebook’s status update?

How to make this #floral #wedding crown

Thank you Emilia for playing with us and all the best with your blog!

Visit: Capriess

Images: Emilia Rossi & Capriess

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