Pet-Tech App Dogo Releases New Pet Health Feature

Alice Duthie
on 23 June 2022

Dogo entered the market as the first pet-tech app that parents could turn to for canine training at any age. The app helps pet parents by obtaining real feedback from certified vets across the globe, providing interactive quizzes and assessments, and creating a social space for parents to share progress posts.

Dogo has now added a Health feature. These new features are especially handy if you’re worried about your pup’s anxiety during Independence Day fireworks.

The new Health feature is set to launch mid July for Android and iOS users. As part of the feature, you will have access to a 24/7 Vet-bot, thanks to Dogo’s partnership with Barkibu for this launch.

The new customisable Health features include:

  • A logging system for you to record your dog’s health updates, notes, and pictures
  • A reminder-system to schedule and receive alerts about your pet’s medication, play time, naptime, meal time, etc.
  • The 24/7 “Vet-Bot” linked to Barkibu that will provide assistance for medical emergencies, or arising concerns that you may have.

Not only does Dogo provide parents with training advice, but now you can also take care of your pup’s health from the convenience of your pocket. Dogo’s training program has helped millions of users to deepen their bonds with their pup, and the company has stated that is excited to now help owners grow with their pup in a healthy, happy space!


About Dogo 

Dogo is a mobile app that helps dog parents train their dog from home. The app has evolved greatly over the past five years. Dog parents can teach their dog more than 100 fun tricks, take part in longer training sessions, learn how to socialize their pups with other dogs, and more. Dog parents on the Dogo App are part of an engaged community of other dog parents and trainers, and they have 24 hour support from the Dogo Team. Dog training professionals review videos to give feedback and there’s even a built in clicker feature! 

Co-founders Tadas Žiemys and Rasa Gentvilaitė-Žiemienė are from Lithuania, growth focused co-founder Eliza-Marija Hirvensalo is from Estonia, and co-founder Mindaugas Kuprionis is technology driven and focused on hiring engineers for the company; together, the team has worked together to evolve each other into great entrepreneurs. 

 You can download the app by clicking here.


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