PetCam: The Secret Life Of Your Dog and Cat

By Frederique Bros
on 7 December 2015

A petcam is a small camera that can be attached to either a dog or cat’s collar to record daily life as seen from the eyes of the pet.

The life of a pet is often shrouded in mystery – what do they do when no one is home? Where do they go when they disappear for the night?

With the latest innovations from French company, Eyenimal there is no need to guess. Eyenimal is represented by Pet Innovations in Australia and has released a range of unique, high-tech pet products. You can buy video cameras that allow pet owners to see through the eyes of their pets. These recording devices enable pet owners to see and speak with their pets.

With Australians spending $7.4 billion a year on their pets it is clear that the pet industry is booming and now, more than ever before, people are motivated to spend on their pets.

Pet Vision Live

A stand-alone video camera that allows pet owners to not only monitor their pets but also communicate with their furry friends.

For those times you may be missing your pet while on holiday or simply curious as to what they are doing, turn on Pet Vision Live and start chatting.

The device allows pet owners to see what their pet is doing whilst also allowing the user to interact with their pet via a two-way audio system which can be accessed via an app on a smartphone, computer or touchpad. The hi-tech piece is able to rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically to give pet owners every angle of their beloved pet and their surroundings.

Pet Vision Live also includes infrared night vision to make the device a truly interactive system for unlimited monitoring of the pet and its environment. The Pet Vision Live app is available at the app store. (RRP $179.95)


The Petcam can record two and a half hours of footage and has a built-in microphone. The footage is great to watch with family and friends or share across social media channels. (RRP$139.95)

Cat Videocam

The Cat Videocam allows pet owners to view scenes from their cat’s eyes. The Cat Videocam is smaller than Petcam and includes night vision to capture the nocturnal outings of furry friends. It also includes a motion detector to stop recording once the cat is lying down or sleeping. The camera helps the owner learn more about the behavioural patterns of their cat while also creating a stronger emotional connection. Cat owners will be able to enjoy seeing interesting footage of what their pet has been up to. (RRP $189.95)

Dog Videocam

The Dog Videocam attaches to the dog’s collar and is specifically designed for outdoor canine activity enthusiasts. Thanks to its fastening systems for a dog’s collar, harness and cap for owners (included), it adapts to all situations. The device is sturdy and waterproof and can film the dog and its master in their greatest moments: hiking, dog games, cani-cross or simple bushwalks to be viewed later. The camera includes three video recording modes. (RRP $249.95)

“These cameras are the perfect product for any pet owner to form stronger connections with their pet, gain insight into their pet’s behaviour, give pet owners peace of mind when they’re not at home and is also a novel way of seeing what animals get up to when mum or dad isn’t there. With no other similar, high-quality products on the market, we feel we have created something special here,” says Gary O’Brien, co-founder of Pet Innovations.

About Pet Innovation

Pet Innovation has a range of Eyenimal pet products including the intelligent pet bowl with built-in scales, GPS, outdoor bark control, dog repeller and luminescent light collars.

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