Pinterest’s New Collaboration Features Make Planning Parties A Breeze

By Women Love Tech
on 16 July 2018

ICYMI, planning parties and projects on Pinterest just got easier!

Let’s face it – we have all devoured Pinterest at some point or the other, looking for ideas for wedding invites, destination wedding themes, designer cakes for our superhero-loving partners, or even just for decorating our living rooms.

When planning a party or a project on Pinterest, sharing pins and ideas with our friends and family is the ultimate 2018 mood – we all enjoy collaborating together, but everyone thinks there could be ways of doing it better.

It’s like our favourite drool-worthy platform listened to all of us. Now, they’ve launched new collaboration tools that make planning your projects and parties on Pinterest a breeze.

Well, that is how it actually worked.

A majority of Pinners use group boards to collaborate with family and friends while planning parties, events, and projects together; Pinterest made these changes because these Pinners asked the platform to make communicating with others in the group much easier.

Launching on group boards, you can now have conversations with other members of your board, with the help of the new group board activity feed. This activity feed also helps you keep track of what’s happening on the board; for e.g. when someone saves a new Pin or adds a new section, or a new member joins.

Also, having a conversation about a specific Pin is now more seamless – you can weigh in with a quick “like” or comment, @-mention a collaborator, or reply to start a new thread. Only members of the group can see your conversations, which has a useful privacy aspect.

These updates are part of Pinterest’s ongoing effort to make the platform a more productive place to bring events and other projects to life. Earlier this year, Pinterest launched new ways to order your boards on the web so it was faster to find ideas as you wanted to try them.

The new collaborative features are now available to all Pinterest users, across all platforms – mobile and web.

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