Pocket Styler – The App Which Merges Gaming And The Fashion Industry

By Samyukta Thakur
on 24 July 2023

Samyukta Thakur reports on the latest fashion app Pocket Styler and how it merges Gaming And The Fashion Industry.

Launched by Nordcurrent back in 2021, Pocket Styler is an app which bridges the gap between gaming and the fashion industry, by blending gaming and real-world fashion.  The app has already had over 17 million downloads and has captured the attention of fashion fans worldwide. It’s also gained recognition as Nordcurrent’s leading app, particularly among a large female audience.

The app gives its players a platform where they can experience high fashion and develop their own sense of style, all while participating in events as part of the glamorous social scene of New York City.  By doing this, Pocket Styler creates a safe environment for self-expression and the chance for a whole range of creative opportunities.

Players are totalling up to 20,000 hours of gameplay daily. Because of its popularity, the app is now being used by real fashion creators to launch their latest creations. Nordcurrent has collaborated with the renowned designer, David Koma for his SS23 resort collection. It’s this type of collaboration which shows how Pocket Styler is blurring the line between digital and physical fashion experiences.

As Nordcurrent’s Co-founder and CEO Victoria Trofimova says: “Pocket Styler’s mission is to provide a platform for its players to experience high fashion, develop a sense of style, learn to make decisions, and make new friends.”

She explains how people can customise their virtual avatars by “transferring their particular tastes and preferences to the virtual version of themselves. Players may take their time developing a personal sense of style, which is difficult to achieve in real life as trends change and are phased out of stores rapidly.”

Have fun customising your avatar’s appearance

Users have the freedom to meticulously customise their avatars’ appearance. They can experiment with hairstyles, hair colours, facial features, and makeup options such as eyeshadow and lipstick. Premium features include a variety of pre-set styling options and consumables like perfumes and facial glitter, which unlock rewards and bonuses within the game.

The core of Pocket Styler lies in its dynamic gameplay, where players around the globe compete to style looks for specific locations and challenges in New York. The seasonal events and daily quests offer the players monetary rewards in the form of cash, crystals, or limited-edition items which can further be used to purchase trending and designer items.

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