Podcast Wild with Sarah Wilson explores “Issues Keeping Us Awake At Night”

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on 29 April 2022

The award-winning author and founder of I Quit Sugar Sarah Wilson is now turning her talent to podcasting and in her series Wild With Sarah Wilson, she explores the challenging issues that keep her and the rest of us awake at night. From the outset, it has been well received and what she describes as part of her life’s purpose is now being distributed by Acast.

Wild explores the issues keeping us all awake at night, including climate change, loneliness, disconnection and capitalism,” says Australian journalist Sarah Wilson, who focuses on a variety of issues from climate change, mental health to politics.

“My podcast Wild continues the conversation that I started in This One Wild and Precious Life, which I feel needs to go deeper and wilder!

“We do this through deep conversations with philosophers, celebrities who live at the edge and leading gurus that I’ve met on my 10-year nomadic journey. Over a three-part series (seven episodes each) I will explore the issues keeping us all awake at night, including climate change, loneliness, disconnection and capitalism.

“With my guests, we will uncover new ways to radically love and save our “one wild and precious life” on this planet and learn practical techniques for doing so. Because the time is now, right?

“The content I produce for the show is part of my life’s purpose and as such, I must maintain creative control. Joining the Acast Creator Network allows me to go deeper (and wilder!) on the important conversations we all need to have.

“I’ve dedicated an entire podcast series to the (Australian) Federal Election because, as I see it, this is the most important election in recent history! At stake are the values that define our national identity and our future, more so than ever before.”

Wild with Sarah Wilson

Wild With Sarah Wilson

Ranked in the top 200 most influential authors globally, in 2013 Sarah founded the universal I Quit Sugar movement and wrote the international bestsellers I Quit Sugar and First, We Make the Beast Beautiful  Her most recent book, This One Wild & Precious Life, won the 2021 US Gold Nautilus Award. Sarah now dedicates all her resources to driving a global conversation on sustainability and climate change. 

In her weekly show, Sarah explores the big questions that haunt us, such as; Will we die from climate change? Can our rage save us? and “Is being Australian a mental health crisis?” Sarah riffs with philosophers, creatives, poets, scientists (and at least one nun!) to find the answers. 

Discover more about Sarah Wilson and her podcast here: https://www.sarahwilson.com/

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