5 Must-listen Podcasts To Help You Through Home Isolation

By Emeric Brard
on 3 April 2020

There’s nothing better to pass the time than to chuck on a podcast and let your thoughts drift away. At times during this home-isolation, we feel as if we’re alone and hopeless…almost as if we were the only ones to be going through this.

These five podcasts will keep you informed, make you laugh and most importantly bring you comfort during a period where we all desperately need it.

1# Full Story: Coronavirus Updates

Full Story, podcasts

Listen on the Guardian Australia’s podcast to get all the important news and updates on COVID-19 from changes to lockdown laws to the latest confirmed cases.

Listen to the podcast here.

2# Meshel Laurie’s Nitty Gritty Committee: Welcome To Hell

Meshel Laurie's Nitty Gritty Committee: Welcome To Hell

The pandemic has inspired Meshel Laurie, also co-host of True Crime Australia, to create a special season titled ‘Welcome To Hell’ where she discusses how she’s coping with the drastically changing world

“Hell is other people, and we could be locked inside with them for a very, very long time. Let’s virtually hang out, and at some point secretly drink in the shed.”

Listen to it here.

3# The Art of Decluttering: Iso with Kirst and Ames

The Art of Decluttering, podcast, Acast

It happens to all of us. Sometimes we forget and our homes become cluttered and disorganised. Amy Revell and Kirsty Farrugia are here to help as Professional Organisers and they chat about how they keep their homes in tip-top shape.

Iso with Kirst and Ames explores how the two are attempting to keep their homes declutter while also trying to stay sane during isolation.

Listen to the podcast here.

4# How I Work: How I Work From Home

How I work podcast

This is a podcast that many people will be needing right about now. Dr Amantha Imber, the host, is no stranger to boosting productivity at some of the biggest companies in the world, but now she’s urging people to take control of your at-home workplaces. In her spinoff series, How I Work From Home, Amantha teaches listeners how to be more efficient remote workers.

LIsten to the podcast here.

5# Divorce Story: How to co-parent in a global pandemic

Divorce Story

In this podcast the host, Cass Thorburn, talks of her own experience as a stay-at-home mum to her three kids who went through a separation from her partner. In this episode, join Cass and Annaliese as they chat to Lawyer Lucy Mannering about potential future complications of co-parenting throughout this global issue.

Listen to it here.

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