PopSockets: Life Changers for Your Smartphone

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 22 April 2021

PopSocket was created by David Barnett, a philosophy professor from Boulder, Colorado. His first prototype was made by gluing two huge, ugly buttons on the back of his phone to solve the problem of his tangled earbud cord. He created 60 more prototypes before the PopSocket grip was born. It’s an expandable, collapsible grip and stand for your mobile phone.

The business has grown out of David’s garage and now has offices in Boulder, San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong and Helsinki. With an incredible 165 million, PopSockets grips sold globally.

PopSocket PopGrip Review

I’ll admit when I first came across PopSockets I was a little sceptical. Recently I was keen to try them out so I bought a cute PopSocket pop grip from the website. It promises to help you take better photos, text with one hand and watch your favourite videos hands-free.

You need to cut the bottom of the packet to open and then follow the instructions on the back to install the PopSocket to the back of your phone. It was easy to add to my phone case. Then you can swap out the top designs by pressing it down flat and turning 90 degrees. You can also move the base to reposition if needed.

You can even create and design your own PopSocket for fundraising or your company.

In recent years, the products have grown to include PopWallets and clever phone mounts. The PopSocket can then be paired with a PopMount to prop up your phone in the car, at home or in the office.

PopSockets do allow you to use your phone better, and they come in so many cool designs. I can’t wait to get top swapping.

About PopSockets

PopSockets was founded in 2011 in Boulder, Colorado. Our CEO David Barnett glued two large buttons to his phone and his friends made fun of him for it. David was looking for a way keep his headset/earbud cord neatly wrapped — and as trashy as the glued buttons looked, they worked. David then started experimenting with putting the buttons on plastic accordions, so that he could pop them out to provide a phone stand and grip. It was then that David’s friends realized that he might have that fabled million-dollar idea.

Fast forward to the present, and PopSockets is a global sensation, selling over 165 million PopGrips in more than 68 countries worldwide. They also make more than just PopGrips, such as PopTops, PopWallets, and even a super-fast phone charger. All of these are things that make your life a little easier and a lot more fun. PopSockets is also committed to making a positive impact in the world.  Their charitable program, Poptivism, is all about that. Since the program’s launch in 2018, PopSockets has donated over $3 million in money and product to various non-profits. #poptivism

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