Pretty in Pink Sport Watch Giveaway For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming around fast this year and to keep up with this fast paced year check out the new Pink Magellan Echo Sports Watch! Running with your iPhone just got better. Please note Women Love Tech and Magellan teamed up to give away one Pink Echo Magellan to celebrate Mother’s Day – to do so see the pink box at the end of this article. Pretty in pink sport watch giveaway for Mother’s Day.

Pretty in Pink Sport Watch Giveaway For Mother's DayMagellan Echo Smart Sports watch now pretty in pink just in time for Mother’s Day

Magellan is releasing a stylish pink version of their smart sports watch the Echo, just in time for Mother’s Day. Echo is the perfect accessory for busy mums who use fitness apps to keep them on track with their fitness goals – whether it’s through running, walking and gym workouts or even golf. Fitness apps are perfect for busy mums as it’s like having her own personal trainer available anytime that she is. However juggling an iPhone in her hands while running or exercising can be a recipe for disaster, and glancing at a smartphone when it’s strapped in an armband can be very inconvenient.

The Echo provides a solution to these challenges – it works by using Bluetooth Smart technology to wirelessly connect to an iPhone and will stream details from the sports app such as distance, time, calories and pace in real time to a user’s wrist. This means mum can tuck her phone away in her armband or pocket and have complete control of her running or walking apps and music from her wrist.

The rugged and shower-proof Echo features a customisable screen that will allow mum to start, stop or lap her sports app as well as play, change and pause songs on her iPhones music playlist. All while her iPhone is tucked away in her armband or pocket.

The Magellan Echo is compatible with many popular sports apps including Strava, all Wahoo Fitness apps, MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, MapMyHike, iMobileinterval, iSmoothRun and GolfPadGPS. There is even an Echo model that includes a low-energy Bluetooth heart rate monitor, that’s compatible with any sports apps that tracks heart rate data.

How Does It Work

– Echo uses Bluetooth Smart to communicate with your smartphone, pairing with compatible apps on your phone.

– Here the list of apps currently support Echo: Wahoo Fitness, Strava, MapMyRun & iSmoothRun.

– When Echo detects that an app is attempting to pair with it, it will display a pairing screen with the option to confirm or cancel the pair request.

Pretty in Pink Sport Watch Giveaway For Mother's Day

– After Echo pairs with the mobile fitness app, it will subsequently show a syncing screen while the application downloads setting to Echo. One the sync is complete, the Echo device will show a data screen. Your Echo is now ready to use!


Written by Frederique Bros

Frederique Bros is a contributor for Women Love Tech. Frederique, who launched the website, has more than ten years in multimedia, graphic and web design. Born in France, she lives in Sydney with her French Bulldog Oscar.


  1. I love running! especially in winter, something about that crisp cold air makes me want to go faster.

  2. Enjoy my 6km walk each morning with my walking buddies (all of us in our early 60’s), then later on another 4km walk on the beach with our dog.

  3. I prefer walking but we have a new, ex-police service German Shepherd who loves to run. Actually, more like drag me behind her. On the upside my cardio fitness has increased in recent months.

  4. Even when I set out to go for a run I often end up walking….so I’d have to say walking!

  5. I love early morning runs in the summer – it’s a magnificent way to enjoy the cool of the mornings before the heat of the day! Not such a keen runner on winter morns but hey no excuses right??

  6. Definitely running. With a house full of noisy kids, I just put my headphones on and run. My form of escape!

  7. I admit to being a sook when it comes to fast paced exercise. I can ease my way into walking and enjoy doing so.

  8. Running – it gets the heart pumping and is a great way to let off some steam too.

  9. Walking but then again I am so lucky to live on the Gold Coast with lovely weather year round and nice clean stretches of beach to churn along listening to the breaking waves!

  10. Walking. While exercising walking still gives you time to smell the roses making exercise enjoyable. The more you like it the more you will do it

  11. Walking for me, I love taking different routes and admiring all the gardens and flowers, often coming home with a few cuttings!

  12. Walking. I could walk for ages, especially if theres food at the end of the walk!

  13. Walking is my favourite exercise. Great results, easy on my body and a great way to enjoy the company of my children and my dog and to take in the sights of the gorgeous bush around us.


  15. “Walking” as I do this everyday…As it helps to keep my waistline at bay…

  16. There is nothing better than a run to help me feel more alive, alert, strong, healthy, happy and trim! It gives me an AMAZING sense of accomplishment!

  17. Walking….Apart from bad joints…walking allows me to get lost in other peoples gardens and the wildlife while I exercise….watching a garden change……

  18. I have just recently gotten back into running using the c25k app after having my 4 children, and a bit more time now they are all at school. I find running fabulous for clearing my head and releasing a little bit of stress on the pavement.
    I had no idea devices like this existed and what a fabulous idea! Running for the first time with a larger mobile device, I do find it very hard to keep track of times and my pace, and whilst the app does communicate some information to me I find that occasionally the interruption to the music can interfere with the pace I have set.

  19. Walking as I enjoy it for exercise and fitness and can take the dog along to. I also enjoy the mental benefits of being able to relax, unwind and take in nature while going for a walk.

  20. I love walking as I can alter my pace without undue stress and also get to admire many beautiful gardens on my route

  21. I love running to improve my aerobic fitness! If you don’t get puffing then you’ve got to be bluffing!





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