Professor Malcolm Dunn: How Do We Engage More Women In STEM?

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on 8 November 2021

To mark National STEM Day, Women Love Tech invited Professor Malcolm Dunn to share his view on how we can engage more women in STEM. And, according to Malcolm, it’s all about the ‘doing’ and, in particular, conscious connection.

How do we engage more women in STEM? The answer is to just do it! The doing creates the capability to do it through neuroplastcity.

We are all created with the capacity to change our brains. We call it the unfolding of the enfolded. Our social environment will shape this unfolding. The navigation of self to survive growing up creates all the commn architypes (gender, ethnic, spirtual…).

Our mirror neurons lead us to literally think what the people we connect with think. The good news is, we have learned is that though techniques such as meditation and music we can change our minds and create alpha, gamma and coherence in our brains.


So we can transcend our conditioning and create our own consciousness. So what do we do to enable broader unfolding in adult developmental stages so we don’t have to unlearn so much later? It is more than STEM, it is about conscious connection.


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About Professor Malcolm Dunn

Malcolm Dunn has joined an esteemed group of Leadership Development and Wellness Professionals to launch the Global Leadership Wellness Academy It adopts a holistic approach to Leaders and leadership development called Quantum Thinking and Leadership.

He was previously Adjunct Professor at University of Sydney John Grill Centre Institute of Projects. He has extensive experience in strategic leadership development from his time at Melbourne Business School, AGSM Director of Executive Development and as an Asia Pacific Industry Managing Partner at Booz & Co and Accenture.

As both a strategist and qualified psychotherapist, he is uniquely positioned to support Executive Teams and Boards understand in Quantum Thinking (understanding the forces of change their industry, and economic contexts), coupled with Quantum Leadership (developed compelling strategies and stories, engage stakeholders and work forces to deliver the expected impact).

He has designed and delivered leadership programs for large complex organisations such as RMS, BP, Shell, BHPB, Rio Tinto, NSW PS, APSC, Infigen, Westpac, BlueScope Steel, QBE. He has also coached Executive Teams and Senior Executives at major multi-national and national companies and in the Federal and State public sector.


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