Pros & Cons: Dyson Small Ball Vacuum Cleaner

By Frederique Bros
on 23 August 2016

It’s been a long time I didn’t do a full product review and I have to say I had lots of fun with the Dyson Small Ball vacuum cleaner. Aside to be a beautiful product it is filled with the latest technologies.

I won’t call myself a domestic goddess but I do love a clean place and my apartment which is mainly covered with carpet and of course – for the readers who are following me for a while, you do know I have my lovely French Bulldog, Oscar (and its hair) living with me too.

Here is my honest review, with pros and cons of this fantastic powerful vacuum cleaner.

Pros & Cons: Dyson Small Ball Vacuum Cleaner


  • The technology of course! It’s the most powerful suction of any lightweight upright vacuum.
  • The suction is so amazing, I can’t believe I vacuumed so much dust and crap off my carpet, be careful, though, if the suction is turned to its maximum you will have difficulties to move the vacuum cleaner because of the very powerful suction – lucky my carpet stayed stuck to the floor
  • I love the brushes set, I literally vacuum the top of furniture, books, lamps, tables and kitchen bench – cutting time-consuming.
  • The vacuum’s head will do the difference between carpet, and hard floor – no need to change the head – again this is a precious gain of time.
  • It’s a small vacuum and it won’t take much space – perfect for people with small cupboard. (Saves up to 40% more storage)
  • Quick single button cyclone release and bin empty. No need to touch the dirt.


  • A bit complicated to put the pieces together and to understand the handle has to be used upside down for vacuuming the spider webs. Maybe I have too much experience with phones and apps and not enough with a high-tech vacuum cleaner?
  • I think the vacuum cleaner is heavy to use because around the main handle is attached the ball the engine and the handle. (machines weighing less than 5.5kg)
  • The head’s vacuum is too big to go under of some pieces of furniture.
  • I don’t like the not retractable power cord.
Pros & Cons: Dyson Small Ball Vacuum Cleaner
Look at his dirt I collected after not vacuuming my house in a week!


– Advanced Self-adjusting Cleaner Head

Automatically adjusts between carpets and hard floors – sealing in suction. Direct drive motor pushes bristles deeper into the carpet. Carbon fibre filaments to remove fine dust from hard floors.

  • 2 Tier Radial cyclones
  • 19 cyclones, arranged across two tiers, work in parallel to increase airflow and capture fine dust.

– Ball™ technology

  • Improved stability to maneuver easily around furniture, obstacles and into difficult places around the house.

women-love-tech-dyson07– 25% Longer Cleaning Reach

  • Cable, wand, and hose extends to 12.96m, 25% longer compared to our previous generation small upright vacuum.
  • RRP: Multi floor $599.00; Allergy $699.00

About Dyson

Dyson is a world leading innovator, highly regarded for its commitment to ingenious engineering and developing a high-performance technology. For more information, please visit Dyson’s website:

I would highly recommend you to invest in a Dyson Small Ball Vacuum Cleaner, it’s an investment but my house is never been so cleaned since I’m using it, it’s a keep!

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