How To Protect Your Home While Travelling

By Lauren Trucksess
on 14 April 2016

There’s a lot to think about when you’re getting ready to go on a big trip. Between tickets, departure times, visas and itinerary planning, most travellers have a lot on their mind. The one thing you do not want to worry about is whether your home will be safe while you’re away.

How To Protect Your Home While Travelling

That’s where new technology can help.

With smart home technology, you can keep a close eye over everything that’s happening at home, even if you’re not there – the perfect solution for anyone who loves to travel.

Smart Home Security

Experts predict that the typical family home could have more than 500 smart devices by 2022. And before Jetson-style visions of robot maid service start running through your mind, I’ll remind you that it’s much more likely that we will see smart home technology solving more routine problems. For example, the latest State of the Smart Home Report found that 90% of consumers say security is one of the top reasons to purchase a smart home system.

One such system is the Video Monitoring Kit from SwannOne. The kit includes everything from smart motion detectors and door sensors to a video camera – exactly what you need to monitor every nook and cranny of your home.

All of the devices come ready for setup. There’s no drills needed (thank god) as the devices can be stuck into place with wall stickers. That means no holes in the wall and flexibility to move things around if needed.

Not only can the devices detect movement and stream footage from your home in real time, they are also smart enough to alert you at the sound of certain sounds, such as glass breaking. Additional noises such as a crying baby or even “aggression” are included in SwannOne’s monthly subscription plans. 

The best part about all of the technology, however, is that it can all be managed through SwannOne app (Available for Apple and Android). If anything usual happens, an alert goes straight to your smartphone or tablet and email. That means you can see what’s going on back at home from just about anywhere in the world.

Smart home technology can give travellers unprecedented control, plus one less worry, as they get ready to takeoff.

Have you ever tried smart home technology? Do you think it would put you at ease or create new worries? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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