Public Speaking: Do’s And Don’ts For The Millennial Generation

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 10 July 2017

#GIRLCODE speaks to little Miss Millennials everywhere – the switched on social media generation who can lack essential social skills for the real world.

We live in a time where face to face contact has been replaced with cyberspace presence and connecting with friends means disconnecting from reality. Sure, the benefits of technology are many, but the damage is, and continues to be, far reaching.

If social skills are the building blocks of confidence and character, then the ability to communicate effectively without anxiety and awkwardness is the VIP ticket to personal success.

Here are seven tips when it comes to public speaking:

– Know your audience.
– Know your material.
– Focus on three central points to keep the audiences’ attention.
– Ensure you utilise the conventions of speech giving: voice
– Projection, eye contact, gesture, pace and tone.
– Match the level of your speech to your audience and the occasion.
– Avoid use of the word ‘um’, slang and any other language that could be deemed as inappropriate.

This is an extract of the book #GIRLCODE – The Secret to Success in a Digital World By Michaela Launerts.

Check out other extracts from this book here:

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