PyxGlobal CEO, Zachary Zeus, Talks About The Unconscious Bias Within AI

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on 3 October 2023

At the Tech Leaders Forum for 2023 held recently,  Zachary Zeus, CEO of PyxGlobal, talked with us about a new job PyxGlobal envisages called a “Trust Architect.” He said we need Trust Architects because we’re currently facing a lot of different challenges and one of these challenges is AI and the unconscious bias that’s built into these systems.

Zachary said that at PyxGlobal, they say: “A Trust Architect sits at the intersection of technology, community, change management and the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) challenges we all need to address to combat the existential issues we’re facing.”

“We particularly see a need for every community to participate in this, because one of the existential challenges we need to address is AI and the unconscious bias that’s built into these systems,” he added. “We need to bring women and under-served communities into this trust architecture community to address the unconscious bias that exists in these systems and that exists across our society so that these communities can get value for the great work that they do for us.”

PyxGlobal is a company which aims to deliver transparency and security for local trade communities. To do this, it uses modern open standards (VC’s and DID’s) and decentralisation, to protect independence and empower trust within these communities.

Zachary says with this aim in mind, the company creates high-integrity product information which leaves nowhere to hide if there are unsustainable, unethical or poorly-governed practices in the supply chain.

“We’re a community of trust architects that are solving the most challenging global problems,” he said.

Pyx is not just another platform

PyxGlobal provides the tools needed to connect platforms. As Zachary says: “From here, a transparent supply chain picture can be drawn irrespective of software. We do this by leveraging standard vocabularies and schema designers d to build decentralised architectures, so that data stays where it is created and there is no central repository that would present privacy or security risks.”

As supply chain traceability and transparency measures scale from pilots to production volumes, there is a risk that commercially confidential information such as customer lists or pricing is exposed along with ESG claims. If supply chain actors are not empowered to redact sensitive information while exposing ESG claims, then they will be reluctant to participate at scale. The Trust Architectures empower each supply chain actor to redact any information they deem sensitive whilst still maintaining the integrity of ESG claims.

As the commercial incentives to meet ESG criteria increase, so will the temptation to swap genuine articles for cheaper and less sustainable products. Product substitution and mass-balance fraud are mechanisms by which fraudulent actors can present high-integrity digital data but attach it to unsustainable products. Pyx codes provide an ultra-scalable and ultra-low cost way to irrevocably link the physical products to their digital twins. Pyx codes also provide a powerful, scalable, and low-cost anti-counterfeiting solution.

Despite the plethora of technology solutions in the marketplace, only a tiny proportion of actual shipped products are accompanied by the traceability and transparency information needed to assure sustainable practices. Scaling from pilots to full production volumes will require behaviour changes by millions of supply chain actors. We cannot drive that change on our own. We believe that existing communities such as industry associations, local regulators, and ESG advocacy groups are best positioned to help their members plug into sustainable supply chains. Pyx tools are focused on helping communities to help themselves.

Zachary said that at PyxGlobal, you’ll find a community of like-minded, aspirational Trust Architects focused on each other’s development and advancement – “A set of tools you need to solve these problems, and a list of organisations we work alongside.”

For more information about PyxGlobal, visit here.

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