Q2 Monochrom: The First Black And White Leica To Feature Autofocus

By Max Wilson
on 1 March 2021

The Q2 Monochom is the newest black and white camera offered by Leica and their first that offers autofocus. It builds from the acclaimed standard Q2, maintaining many of the features in its compact design, viewfinder, handling, autofocus, battery and software. The big difference being it only shoots in black and white.

Leica is popular among photographers for making cameras that enable precision and creative freedom due to their plethora of features. The Q2 Monochrom is no different, with its 47-megapixel full frame sensor that enables still pictures and 4K video at an ISO range up to 100,000. It allows for complete manual control with an easy switch between the two. Having a 3.86 megapixel viewfinder, photographers are able to view images with increased contrast and depth.

In conjunction with the Leica FOTOS App, the integrated Wi-Fi modules allows for images to be directly uploaded to social media, as well as enabling remote shutter release, making it great fit for the modern photographer.

Photographer Knox Bertie picture shot with a Leica Q2 Monochrom camera
Photographer Knox Bertie picture shot with a Leica Q2 Monochrom

Sydney-based photographer and Leica ambassador Knox Bertie, known for his focus on people and their relationship with space, was one of the first to get his hands on the camera. His photos sit somewhere between reality and fiction, making black and white an ideal fit.

“I have always shot film. So, using the Q2 Mono is my first experience shooting a series with a digital camera. I fell in love with its design straight away and I like the simplicity and how stealth it is on the street.

Knox Bertie

The Leica Q2 Monochrom is available today from authorised Leica dealers at an RRP of $8,990.

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