You Can Now Rent or Resell Anything You Buy From THE ICONIC With Just A Click

Ilona Marchetta
on 29 December 2022

THE ICONIC has become the first major retailer globally to integrate one-click rental, resale and recycling functionality within its online shopping experience, enabled through a partnership with the circular wardrobe platform AirRobe.

The seamless and incredibly easy process takes much, if not all, of the grunt work for consumers out of managing their pre-loved clothes. THE ICONIC will even let consumers know the potential resale value of an item before they purchase it. Shoppers simply place an order as usual. Later, shoppers will find a collation of their purchases in their own AirRobe, and from there, they can opt to rent an item out, resell it or recycle it with just a click. The functionality is currently only available through the fashion apps

Founder and CEO of AirRobe, Hannon Comazzetto, said the partnership was “a big moment” for the circular fashion economy, and understandably so; Fashion is one of the most unsustainable industries on the planet, with an annual carbon footprint of 3,290 million tonnes CO2e and the consumption of over 79 billion m3 of fresh water. The industry is to blame for much biodiversity degradation and aquatic pollution [1].

Meanwhile as, more than 100 billion garments are produced each year [2], retailers have been known to burn excess stock, and almost a quarter of Australians admit to wearing an item only once in a 12 month period before disposing of it.

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A dramatic reduction in new items entering the market and items going to landfill coupled with a greater appreciation among consumers for their ‘things’ paves the way to a planet-saving circular economy.

Erica Berchtold, THE ICONIC CEO, said the innovation demonstrated the company’s commitment to becoming the “most planet positive retailer” in the Australian and New Zealand region: “Together we join forces to accelerate the circular fashion movement, by providing ICONIC customers with a seamless solution to shop more responsibly, extend the life cycle of their preloved fashion items and reduce the overall cost of their garments.”

Afterpay Sydney Fashion Show. Pictures Liana Hardy Photography
Afterpay Sydney Fashion Show. Pictures Liana Hardy Photography



1.Sumner, Mark. 2018. Written evidence submitted by Dr. Mark Sumner, University of Leeds. Houses of Parliament.
2.YouGov staff. 2017. “Fast fashion: Three in ten Aussies have thrown away clothing after wearing it just once.” YouGov.

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