Research Into Young Blood: The New Australia Reveals Surprising Results

By Women Love Tech
on 11 August 2019

A new study that delves deep into the cultural identity of Australian youth shows that less than 1 in 10 young Australians worry about immigration, 2% think having a large social media following equals success and 7 out of 10 believe women in sport should be paid as much as their male counterparts.

Young Blood: The New Australia unlocks insights into attitudes around culture, spending, technology, food, alcohol, sport and identity. Exploring the question ‘Who are we?’ from the point of view of 18-30-year-old Australians, researchers spoke to over 2000 individuals and took a look at the mainstream values, attitudes and behaviours of a cross section of Aussie youth, spanning ages, genders, cities, regions and socio-economic groups.

Young Blood: The New Australia found that health and wellness has never been more important for youth, representation matters and they are ready to see a new breed of sporting hero that represents them and their country. Half of young Australians drink to relax and have fun but have a complicated relationship with alcohol being embarrassed by the stereotype of being reckless drinkers. 

Women and Real life connections, Australia

Originally launched in the UK, brand experience agency AMPLIFY noticed at the time that stereotypes of youth, did not match with the realities they were experiencing day to day.

Amplify’s Managing Partner Australia, Gareth Davies “We firmly believe that this generation gets a hard time, from the legacy they’ve inherited to being described as ‘snowflakes’, ‘robots’ or ‘apathetic.’ Most importantly, it gives a platform to the voices of this thoughtful, progressive and often misunderstood audience. Without a doubt Young Blood makes our work better, but it also connects to an important part of our social mission: ‘to connect with, enable and champion young creative talent’”

Young Blood originally launched in the UK in 2015, and with Young Blood: The New Australia research, AMPLIFY explores the stereotypes young Australians are saddled with and contrasted them with the realities they express.

Amplify’s Brand Director, Krupali Cescau, summarised: “The Young Blood platform is our chance to challenge the narrative- to look past the narrow behavioural research most brands ask of us and ask questions that really delve into the realities of growing up in Australia today. Essentially, we’re moving past the tabloid headlines and trying to understand the multi-faceted human behind it.”

Youth concerns

Other significant findings include:

  • 8/10 young Australians believe beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and colours
  • 74% think it is important to stand up for what they believe in, even if that opinion is unpopular or inconvenient
  • 50% say being happy equals success
  • 6/10 believe their generation values individualism more than others have  
  • 56% would buy healthier and responsibly sourced food if it was cheaper

 Amplify is a brand experience agency focussed on joining the dots between people, brands and culture for some of the most innovative and progressive brands in the world. Amplify put the audience at the heart of what they do, starting with real people not demographics. Founded in the UK in 2008, Amplify set up shop in Sydney in 2018 with Google as its founding client, and have gone on to deliver work with YouTube, Beam Suntory, Campari, Verizon Media, Nike and Spotify

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