Rethink Your Banking Lifestyle With Citi Mobile App

By Frederique Bros
on 20 September 2016

We are all rushing against time, this is when the use of technology becomes extremely helpful. I don’t even know how we were doing before the smartphone and apps! For example, when it comes to banking, I used to take my lunch break to run to my bank, queuing for interminable minutes and running back to my office. It’s time to rethink your banking lifestyle with mobile apps.

No more running.

Rethink Your Banking Lifestyle With City Mobile App

With Citi’s Mobile App, you are in control of your finances even on the move! Transfer funds, pay bills, view your account balances and access the latest promotions.

Their One-Time PIN mobile banking security feature means you’ll always have peace of mind when banking online.

You can also set up any fingerprint stored on your smartphone to access to City Mobile App.

Citi App – AppleGoogle


• View your account balances and recent transactions
• View transactions in real-time for credit cards
• Touch ID for iPhone 5S and above
• Snapshot View – Preview balances and accounts at a glance without signing in
• Select ATM PIN – Self-select or reset your PIN through the app
• Transfer money worldwide and to other bank accounts within Australia
• Pay your bills
• View Live FX rates
• Offline One-Time PIN generator
• Lock your account to your mobile device with One-Time PIN
• Access the Citibank Dining Program
• Access the Online Rewards Platform
• Access Citi World Privileges

The Citi Mobile App provides a convenient way to take care of everyday banking, browse Citibank Dining Program partner restaurants, and generate a One-Time PIN.

Rethink Your Banking Lifestyle With City Mobile App

Dining program

Citi Mobile App is not a banking app like others, you can receive free wine every time you dine with the Citibank Dining Program.

For more details, please click here:

Rethink Your Banking Lifestyle With City Mobile App

New Features

• Push notifications – Stay on top of your transactions and payments with notifications on your mobile.
• Card Activation – Instantly activate your debit/ credit cards on the move.

With their location based service you can:

• Locate the nearest restaurant offering a complimentary bottle of award winning wine as part of the Citibank Dining Program.
• Locate the nearest ATM within the Citibank network within Australia and across Asia.
• Locate the nearest Citigold centre within Australia and across Asia
• Discover a world of preferential treatment, discounts, and benefits within Australia and across Asia through Citibank World Privileges.

Please note: This mobile app is intended for use by Citi Australia customers only.

I have teamed up with Citi for this article.

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