Review: HTVRONT Heat Press for Custom Vinyl Projects

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 22 August 2022

HVRONT has an Easy Heat Press where you can print full t-shirt designs easily and professionally in minutes. 

It is ideal for crafts, especially making your own t-shirts and custom gifts.  It’ll be perfect if you have volunteered to add numbers to a sports team or surnames to jerseys.

The easy heat press is light and promises to give an even amount of temperature through the pad (whereas, an iron is hotter at the tip).

It has an automatic shutdown and three different pressure modes. It is suitable to use with various textile materials and objects, such as cotton, silk, fibre, plush and polyester.

The temperatures are in old-fashioned Fahrenheit. It’s annoying you can’t change this to Celsius.

The heat press is reasonably easy to use – after you have read the instructions.

Turn it on and select the temperature button. Change the heat to your desired temperature. Then select the duration in seconds.

The logo button will be red. When it turns green the heat press is hot enough to use. Move it over your item and select the logo button. It will count down the required seconds (and flash), and then indicate when to take it off.

Depending on your vinyl and material you may be doing a cold or hot press. This is whether you can peel it off straight away, or leave it to be cool to touch before removing the transfer contact paper.

Before you try the heat press make sure you have the correct vinyl and preferably a heating mat or an ironing board. I’d recommend experimenting with some old material or calico before going ahead with your desired design.

If you are doing a design on a t-shirt, you can fold it and mark out the centre points. You might like to place the design 5 cm below the neckline, and an equal distance from the sides of the shirt. You can also fold over your vinyl and lightly crease it at the edges so you know the middle points.

The HTVRONT is available in mint green and raspberry red.


HTVRONT produce a range of high-quality heat transfer and adhesive vinyl products for design printing. It aims to improve a designer’s experience, from cosplayers to budding fashion designers and craft-loving families. 

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