Review: Rubix Go Cube

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 19 November 2021

GoCube is reimagined and designed from the iconic puzzle toy.

Before you can start with the app, you’ll need to charge the Go Cube first. Then you can calibrate it with the app settings so the squares match up.

The mobile app records and tracks your moves. Through the connected app, you can learn step-by-step the best method for solving the cube.

This cube has powerful embedded sensors and technology to take your puzzle-solving to the next level. The app’s dashboard shows you a quicker timer, solver, stats and the RedBull Rubik challenge. You can see at a glance your percentage win rate, match total and average load time.

There’s a leaderboard if you want to compete with others in online battles. The games include Cubeysizer, Paint It, Simon, Cube Hero, Maze and Patterns.

The best place to start is the Academy. Here you’ll learn in bite-sized lessons the notations and movements. The app shows you how to solve the cube with hints or the best sequences to finish quickly.

Each time you play with GoCube the app collects your statistics and you’ll quickly see your progress.

The GoCube is well-made with rounded corners. It’s an enjoyable modern update of the popular puzzle toy. It’s ideal for anyone who likes to keep their hands busy or mind engaged.

Go Cube is the perfect way to keep your mind active and a portal way to be entertained on commutes or long drives.

Go Cube is available from, JB HiFi and Myer and toy stores.

About GoCube

Particula has created GoCube, a 2018 smart app-connected spin on the classic game that reduces the frustration factor and helps turn anyone into a Cube Master from the comfort of home. The tech is equipped with sensors to track and measure activity, and an inertial measurement unit to track the cube’s position. With tutorials for beginners and coaching for players looking to hone their skills, users can embark on missions to solve cubes, play the app’s prepackaged games, face off against friends, or compete fairly against players around the world. GoCube can even be used as a controller for other games.

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