Review: Seaquatix Waterproof Cover for Your Phone and Valuables

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 30 October 2021

My Sequatix waterproof cover arrived but I was too scared to try it out on my brand-new mobile phone. Fortunately, the instructions suggest conducting a ’tissue test’ before using the first time.

The plastic pouch promises to fit all mobile phones and keep your valuables waterproof. It also protects against the elements and allows one to continue to take phones and videos.

seaquatix waterproof case

“Seaquatix is not just great in water, it is also great on land.  We are perfect for outdoor activities, travelling, fishing, boating, running, skiing, music festivals and more,” says Seaquitix CEO and Founder, Aprille Lim.

You can use the case while on hiking or fishing trips. It’s perfect for taking photos poolside or while on holiday. It protects your valuables from water, sand, dust and snow.

I tried the large Seaquatix cover in a fluro orange – I can safely say I wasn’t going to be losing sight of my little tech baby anytime soon.

The cover arrived with an instruction card and black strap and minimal packaging. It says to perform a waterproof test with non-valuables e.g., a tissue. I placed a tissue inside, locked it in place and then dipped it in some water in my bathroom sink. The tissue remained dry.

Remember you’ll need to push out all of the air before you seal both locks at the top of the pouch. You can add the black strap and hang it around your neck, or tie it to your bag.

seaquatix waterproof case

When you’re travelling next, you might like to use it for your passport and travel documents. I think it’s perfect for the beach where you’ll want to avoid getting sand in your ports.

Seaquatix recommends using the volume keys on your mobile phone for taking photos and videos while underwater. Then clean with fresh water after use.

The cases come in a range of bright colours including blue, purple, green, white, yellow, pink, orange and black. I like the blue and pink the best. The cases come in two sizes with an affordable price tag.

Seaquatix will turn your water-resistant phone into waterproof up to 20 metres offering the freedom to capture all of your Insta-worthy moments.

Order your waterproof case from the Seaquatix website.

About Seaquatix

Seaquatix was born over 4 years ago through a love of travel, taking photos and videos and protecting one’s valuables. Simple and easy to use, Seaquatix offers a compact and stylish waterproof case for your phone and valuables.

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