Review: The Budget-Friendly V-Fitness Smart Fitness Watch

Max Wilson
on 17 January 2021

As smart technology becomes more intertwined with our lives, from smart speakers to smart fridges, watches have become one of the most prominent devices. Although there are many options within this realm, price has always been an issue with most big brands charging upwards of $500. The V-Fitness Smart Fitness Watch is a great budget-friendly option at $99 with a plethora of features sure to impress.


The V-fitness Smart Fitness Watch comes with pairing capabilities for both Apple and Android, meaning it is able to connect to almost any mobile device. The watch tracks your daily step count, gives an analysis of your sleep, and has an inbuilt heart-rate monitor. It is also able to sync with your phone to notify calls, texts, socials, and the weather.

V-fitness claims the battery lasts an impressive 2 weeks, which I have found to be quite accurate. When the battery does run low, the magnetic charger easily attaches to the back of the watch for a quick charge.

As a fitness watch, it is able to track various types of running, cycling, and hiking activities. It gives a detailed breakdown of a workout including distance, heart rate, average speed, and calories burnt. All information is additionally accessible in the VeryFitPro app, where you are also shown a map of the activity. It even has a sedentary mode, giving you notifications when you are seated or still for too long.



The look and feel of a smartwatch is particularly important as they are a fashion statement of sorts. The V-fitness Smart Fitness Watch looks sleek and understated. At first touch, the materials feel great quality, with the body made from stainless steel and the crystal strengthened screen being ideally sized at 1.3 inches. The quality build also means it is IPS68 water-resistant, so getting splashes or rain on the watch won’t matter.

The watch feels great on the wrist with the three interchangeable rubber straps coming in black, orange, and blue, meaning you can easily change them out depending on your look. The watch display is also customisable, where you are able to choose from four different clock faces. Using the watch is simple, you can either use the touchscreen or two functional buttons on the side, making it easier to use while you’re exercising.


At $99, the V-Fitness Smart Fitness Watch is a great budget option for anyone wanting to try out a smartwatch that has many of the features a more expensive option would have. Its stylish look makes it easy to blend into your lifestyle and makes for a useful addition to your mobile phone.

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