Review: Thronmax Rosa Professional Streaming Microphone

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 18 April 2022

I tested a Thronmax MDrill Zero Plus microphone. The Rosa is a gorgeous pale pink variation of their leading mic, the MDrill Zero Plus that comes in black.  

The microphone features 10 per cent more clarity and accuracy than other USB microphones thanks to the Vertigain Technology. There are no latency delays. This provides excellent broadcast quality sound for video conferencing, meetings and vocal recording.

The microphone allows to make 96kHz recordings with two dedicated recording modes:

  • Cardioid – streaming, podcasts, voice-overs, instruments
  • Omnidirectional – conference calls, events

The box contains a microphone, USB cord, windshield sponge, warning card and full-colour instruction guide.

thronmax microphone
Image Credit: Thronmax

The warning card says: “Important. All condenser microphones are very sensitive to moisture. For close vocal use, Thronmax strongly recommends the use of a pop filter or foam wind screen to prevent permanent damage to the transducer.”

You’ll need a PC or Mac with a USB port connected to the motherboard running Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, or Apple Mac OS 10.7 or higher.

When I attempted to use the microphone, the large LED light glowed and the microphone was automatically recognized. If it isn’t, you may need to select it from the sound settings. Please note you need to use the USB ports near your motherboard, and they use a reversible Type C connection.

You can monitor the audio recording by connecting a pair of headphones to the AUX port. The bottom knob controls the headphone volume.

The left bean setting is for cardioid use – usually one person. The top setting turns the microphone off. The right circle setting is suitable for 365 audio omni-directional recording, or more than one person.

Thronmax has a range of condenser microphones ideal for use in a studio, podcast, video conferencing and field recordings.

A portion of the product price will be donated to Breast Cancer Foundations.

The Thronmax microphone Rosa edition was easy to step up and use, you just need to just plug and play.

12 month warranty.

The Thronmax range is available from JBHifi and Amazon Australia.

About Thronmax

Thronmax, designs and manufactures professional audio products, are launching their range of microphones, web cameras, headphones and accessories into the Australia, New Zealand market. With content creation, podcasts and streaming on the rise, the range offers high quality products at a reasonable price. Ideal for starting a career as a successful content creator.

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