Ripple GI Joins Global Facebook Community Accelerator Program

By Michael Sheather
on 20 July 2020

Australian internet community Ripple has been selected to join the global Facebook Community Accelerator program.

Ripple GI, an Australian website and internet group that matches young people with curated career opportunities, is one of 13 web-based communities from across the Asia-Pacific region selected for the prestigious Facebook Community Accelerator program, a global development initiative that aims to help young go-getters expand their skills, influence and communities.

Facebook’s Community Accelerator is a six-month program that will give Ripple access to global experts,  coaches and resources to create a customised curriculum for community growth.

Ripple, which started in 2016 and has almost 11, 000 members will receive up to approximately $US30,000 for each selected community leader, which will be used to enhance both the reach and impact of their Australian community.

Grace Clapham, Facebook’s head of community partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region, says Ripple was chosen from a vast array of other communities to join the program.

“We received hundreds of applications across four countries in APAC – Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand,” Grace says. 

“In the end, it boiled down to communities that are already driving positive, lasting change, but need help to scale their efforts and grow in size. We’re excited to welcome a diverse group of community leaders and look forward to working with them to meet their goals and create further impact in their communities.”

Facebook will hand out up to $US3 million globally for the program, helping these selected communities to implement growth plans for their networks with assistance from a dedicated team from Facebook.

The Community Accelerator is part of the Facebook Community Leadership Program – a global initiative investing in the leaders who are building communities around the world, bringing people together, offering encouragement, and driving change.

Ripple supports purpose-driven young people to harness “their agency” and create impact in every sphere of their lives. It also trains them to lead and drive innovation, change and civic engagement.

Skye Riggs
Skye Riggs joins Facebook Accelerator Program.

“Ripple is a curated impact hub, for young people who are eager to shape their own future,” says Ripple GI founder Skye Riggs. “We help young people build meaningful careers, grow diverse communities and discover their own agency in our civic systems. 

“In a time of great uncertainty, with rising youth unemployment alongside the growing demand for purpose-driven work, our tailored, and relational approach to career building has seen our community grow rapidly.

“As a small team, connecting with over 10,000 members while retaining a personalised touch has proved difficult. So in the next phase of growth we are focused on scaling what we offer through online tools such as Facebook Live, Groups and Instagram so we can help more young people solve the challenges of their generation. 

“We’re super excited to be the only Australian group selected to participate in Facebook’s Community Accelerator. This training and mentorship program will really help us grow our community and, importantly, reach new people from every corner of the country.”

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