Salesforce Helps Remote Workers’ Improve Productivity

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on October 21, 2020

Businesses and employees alike have had to navigate a new normal over the last six months in a world where the way we work and where we work has massively changed.

Living in a an all-digital world where Zoom is now our new meeting room and business is often conducted over the kitchen table means we need technologies to help navigate this new norm. was introduced recently by Salesforce to help governments and healthcare organisations more safely and efficiently manage vaccine programs at scale.

Now, it has expanded to help companies get back to growth by enabling greater productivity for remote workers.

The aim is to make workplaces and communities safe, with technology for employee wellness, shift management, and manual contact tracing.

“The pandemic has accelerated everything, and every company is reimagining work in the new all-digital world,” said Sarah Franklin, EVP and GM, Platform, Trailhead and AppExchange at Salesforce.

“With new technology to help employees be productive anywhere, and create safe in-person experiences for customers, is helping companies get back to growth and thrive in the new normal.” 

Sarah Franklin, EVP and GM, Platform, Trailhead and AppExchange at Salesforce

Employees want to be productive and engaged wherever they choose to work, yet according to new research released today, more than one-third of workers do not have the technology to effectively work remotely. At the same time, customers want business to give them safe ways to interact in physical spaces, such as stores, banks, or doctors’ offices. includes the full power of the Salesforce Customer 360, with technology and best practices to help organisations reopen safely, meet new workplace challenges, and get back to growth in today’s new normal.

How has expanded?

New technology to increase engagement and productivity:

  • Employee Workspace is a central digital hub for employees to access any of the tools and resources they need to work from anywhere, including productivity apps like Google Workspace, learning platforms like myTrailhead, payroll systems, and more. The workspace also provides personalized communications, embedded collaboration apps, and notifications to ensure employees can stay productive and up-to-date while working from anywhere. 
  • Employee Helpdesk allows employees to ask questions and get help quickly from wherever they are, whether they need IT support or have questions about HR policies and benefits. Einstein AI-powered chatbots provide employees access to knowledge articles and escalation paths, across any department.

New communication apps to enable safer in-person experiences for customers and employees:

  • Queue Management helps brick-and-mortar businesses minimize physical lines by creating virtual queues to protect customers and manage onsite capacity. Customers can easily reserve their place in line from anywhere through the app and get updated on queue status via SMS to avoid waiting outside for lengthy periods of time.
  • Broadcast Messaging allows businesses to proactively communicate updated hours of operation, changing appointment times, and health and safety reminders to customers and employees through their preferred channels such as text, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. Businesses can then manage follow-up questions or service requests quickly with automated chatbots and personalised service communications. 
  • Digital Trust Cards allow local store employees to quickly update websites and apps with safety protocols specific to that location, like social distancing guidelines and cleaning policies, helping build customer trust and confidence that they will be safe when visiting the business in-person. 

Salesforce also announced a partnership with Thrive Global to help businesses prioritize employee wellbeing.

Thrive Global, a behaviour change technology company, will provide content and guidelines on how to analyse and address individual wellbeing, build mental resilience, manage anxiety, and find work-life balance.

Check out some of the content from Thrive Global here: Health & Wellness Resource Center.


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