Fitness Guru Sam Wood: Tech Gadgets Sam Can’t Live Without

By Women Love Tech
on 1 March 2021

Whether he’s whipping up a breakfast smoothie for his girls, hosting a zoom meeting or sneaking in a quick 28 Day By Sam Wood workout, Sam relies on nifty tech to get him through the day just as much as the rest of us. 

Sam shares his top gizmos and gadgets that help him juggle busy Dad life, a business and keep him on track with his workouts. 

Apple watch

Apple Watch, tech gadgets
Apple Watch

I am a watch guy so I don’t wear it all the time, but I love my Apple watch when I’m on the go. It allows me to disconnect but still feel connected. Whether it’s a run or a swim, I can always check in on anything urgent or pay for a coffee without the need for my phone or wallet. It also seamlessly syncs with my 28 app too, which I’m a huge fan of.


AirPods, gadgets

My absolute favourite and something I use every day. Whether it is a Zoom meeting, walking and talking or a workout they are just the best. I got a personalised pair with my name on the case for Father’s Day from the girls so now my daughter Eve can’t steal mine!



With not having the ability to get a massage here in Melbourne due to lockdown, my Theragun has never been used more. It’s such a simple and great way to aid recovery for those sore muscles and tight spots. Snez gets it into my calves when I have been doing lots of running, but I’ve got to say it’s a love hate relationship.

Nutri Bullet


Another Bing Lee Father’s Day gift from the girls and now part of the morning ritual and one I get the girls involved in.  Charlie adds the berries; Willow’s on the protein powder and my job is to limit the mess with maximum fun. I love how compact it is so it doesn’t take over our bench space and I can just pop the lid on the cup and run straight out the door.

About Sam Wood 

Sam Wood
Sam Wood via GQ Australia

Sam Wood is a leading health & fitness expert and media personality who has over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry. Sam is currently the Health and Wellness expert on Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens. Sam is a proud family man, who with his wife Snezana, who he met on The Bachelor, recently welcomed their daughter Charlie in July last year in addition to their other daughters, Eve, 15 and Willow, two.

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