Samsung Galaxy Fold – Welcoming A New Category In Smartphones

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on 30 October 2019

The exhilaration of experiencing new advancements in technology went into overdrive today with the Sydney launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It felt like I had a glimpse into my future – streaming my favourite movie whilst posting on Facebook and buying an outfit on my Iconic app – all at the same time. Yep, this stylish new phone is a multitasker’s dream.

What’s more for women who love tech, you’ll enjoy the same sensation opening up the Galaxy Fold as much as you would prizing open a jewellery box for the first time. There’s even an extremely satisfying clicking sound that it makes each time you open and shut it. And, as Jo from the Samsung team so aptly explained, it still fits comfortably into your ‘jeans or dress pocket”.

Fact: Samsung spends $35 million a day on research and development and it’s clear that a fair amount of that has gone into the launch of this new category in smartphones.

It is firing on all cylinders – the fabulous UX experience of the triple screen, six cameras and a multitasking ability like no other. By far the world’s most premium smartphone and most expensive to boot.

The Galaxy Fold is going on sale for Australian RRP $2,999 from October 29, 2019.

At today’s launch, Garry McGregor, Vice-President of IT and Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia, said that the Fold was not only made for Australians but will also change the way we experience mobile design and innovation.

samsung galaxy fold

“It’s not everyday you get to announce a new mobile phone category,” he said brimming with enthusiasm. “We’ve seen really strong growth in the market particularly in the premium area, mid-tier and wearables and we’ll continue to innovate in the category.

“Australians are the biggest smart phone users with over 40% of users streaming Netflix and we need a product that supports that. People want to immerse themselves in content.

“This flexible screen has been eight years in the making. In Korea, this product sold out in some channels in minutes. Samsung believes in being bold and to push the boundaries of innovation you have to take risks. “

“Australians today are embracing larger screens as they consume, capture, share, and do more on-the-go. From the moment you pick it up and unfold it, the Galaxy Fold unlocks a completely new large-screen experience, Garry McGregor, Vice-President of IT and Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia

Among its many features is the world’s first immersive 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display. Plus, when closed, users can access their essential apps and information on the 4.6-inch cover display, and when opened, explore new ways to multitask, watch videos and play games with a better experience than before because the screen is so much bigger.

Here’s how the multi-tasking works

Users can open up to three active apps simultaneously on the main display so they can surf the internet, text, work, watch, and share without missing a beat.
The App Continuity function also enhances the experience, offering seamless transitions between the cover and main displays. As Galaxy Fold opens and closes, apps will automatically pick up where they left off. When the user is ready to take a photo, make in-depth edits, or have a closer look at the feed, they can simply open the display and enjoy a larger canvas.

From its unique form factor to its foldable UX, versatile camera and premium performance, Galaxy Fold is a fabulous new offering.

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