What You Need To Know About The New Generation Of The Samsung Galaxy

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on 7 March 2019

Samsung’s Vice President of Wearables Garry McGregor described the new generation of the Samsung Galaxy as the culmination of one decade of smartphone innovation.

A milestone in power and design, the new Galaxy S10 line offers four unique variants of the Galaxy S10.

“The Galaxy S10 range is designed and engineered for those who want a next-generation, premium Galaxy experience,” said Garry. “Re-engineered dynamic display, camera technology that makes it easier to take amazing photos and performance that’s optimised for the way we use our phones today.”

Samsung Wearables

The focus for Samsung is clearly on health and fitness.

And there’s one thing we all know and that’s how positive technology is when it comes to helping us track and monitor our wellbeing. But let’s be honest, we also want to do it in a stylish way.

“With our heritage in design and connected capabilities and services, Samsung is uniquely placed to create wearables that can help people who want to live better every day,” said Samsung’s Garry McGregor.

“Whether it’s through premium sound, wireless connectivity, enhanced fitness tracking, or accurate GPS, our new range of wearables have been designed to seamlessly integrate with our smartphones, expanding their capabilities and providing Australians with an enriched Galaxy experience.”

Samsung Wearables
Samsung Wearables

Samsung’s latest range of wearable devices includes the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 

Samsung Galaxy Fold 
Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s first foldable mobile device features a breakthrough design coupled with an entirely new user experience on a Galaxy smartphone.

When opened, the new form factor is ideal for creating and viewing content and provides incredible productivity capabilities. When closed, it provides seamless portability.

Garry McGregor described the Galaxy Fold as ‘a symbol of the future of mobile technology’. He said it will usher in a new category of smartphones that will change the way we live, work, and play on a mobile device.

“From the moment you pick up the Galaxy Fold and open it, you’ll discover an entirely new experience, seamlessly moving between displays without missing a beat.”

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