Samsung Introduces The Very First NVMe-based Portable SSD

By Women Love Tech
on 5 September 2018

Imagine transferring a 20GB file in a matter of 12 seconds. Well, that’s the beauty of Samsung’s new NVMe-based Portable SSD which is going to save us all a load of time.

Samsung launched the world’s first NVMe-based portable solid state drive, the Portable SSD X5. It’s backed up by a bandwidth of 40Gbps offered by Thunderbolt 3 technology, allowing the X5 to read at a speed rate of 2,800 MB/s and write speeds of 2,300MB/s.

The drive also features a shock-resistant internal frame that is housed in a metal casing designed to survive falls from up to almost 7 feet. The integrated Dynamic Thermal Guard technology and built-in heatsink will keep the X5 cool no matter how much the workload is.

As a bonus fact, the Samsung Portable SSD X5 has a built-in AES 256-bit hardware data encryption to maintain the privacy of your personal files!

The drive will be available now with a three-year warranty. You can buy one at a price of $399.99 for the 500GB model, $699.99 for the 1TB unit, and $1,399.99 for the 2TB model.

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