Is it Okay to Give Mum a Second Hand Mother’s Day Gift? 70% of Aussies Say …

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 3 May 2024

… Yes! In fact, according to statistics compiled by Reluv’s Fashion Resale in Australia Report, almost three-quarters of consumers across the country actually prefer second-hand or pre-loved items over new ones.

This Mother’s Day, Salvo’s Stores and Cricut, Inc – a creative technology company that develops hardware and design software that enables consumers to make beautiful, high-quality DIY projects quickly – are on a mission to take the stigma out of “regifting” by showcasing how easy it is to create unique gifts, save money and reduce landfill waste.

Stylish ways to save serious cash

The shift in consumer behaviour can be attributed to rising cost-of-living pressures. With 82 per cent of Australian shoppers admitting to changing their spending habits because of their personal finances. And, 26 per cent of those surveyed said they were buying more second-hand goods, in response to rising costs.

As a result, thrift shops are no longer the domain of cash-strapped uni-students. In fact, according to  Sarah Rowley, Digital Customer Communications Officer, Salvos Stores, an afternoon spent digging through the bins at your local Salvo’s store (there are over 400 of them nationwide) can be an all-ages, all-occasions affair.

“Shopping pre-loved with Salvos Stores is the perfect option to keep costs down and creativity flowing … [And] all while the money goes to helping people in need,” she says.

That also offers a sustainable solution

Love an organic, ethical, environmentally-produced slow fashion piece? While all these considerations certainly offer an excellent way to make sustainable style choices, so too is swinging past your local Salvos.

“When you shop with Salvos Stores, you are also participating in the circular economy by giving new life to pre-loved items, keeping them out of landfills and reducing waste,” adds Sarah

One-of-a-kind gifts for a one-of-a-kind mum

To really shine the spotlight on regifting, this year, Salvos Stores, in collaboration with Cricut, will host a special Mother’s Day High Tea workshop.

With Thrift Queen and author of “Opshopulence Faye Delanty on hand to provide styling tips for creating a memorable Mother’s Day brunch using thrifted decor, participants can upcycle pre-loved decor items and create personalised gifts for their mothers.

During the event, attendees will use Cricut vinyl name and design decals made with a Cricut cutting machine to personalise thrifted teacups and saucers from Salvos Stores. And, make a gift that is completely bespoke and unique.

Guests at the workshop will also walk away with bespoke lamingtons thanks to cult bakery Tokyo Lamington. And, receive thrifted gift bags filled with high tea goodies to add an extra layer of charm to their Mother’s Day celebrations.

The workshop will not only encourage creativity, yield unique gifts and promote sustainability and the circular economy, but also support a charitable cause – with all proceeds from ticket sales donated to The Salvation Army’s community programs.

Tickets are now available for Make Mum’s Day High TeaWorkshop. With two sessions held on Saturday 4th May at 10am and 1pm. And all proceeds from ticket sales donated to those in need being helped by The Salvation Army.

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