Sennheiser Momentum Review: Rediscover Music With Quality Sound

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on 2 October 2019

Sennheiser’s premium MOMENTUM headphone range enters its third generation, with the launch of the new MOMENTUM Wireless. Check out our review of the latest smart headphones.


OK, so I confess, these are only the second pair of headphones I’ve worn since I was 13 years old. Hard to believe I know but my first were cool at the time with spring telephone cord and plastic padding.

I digress, my first impression of the new phones from Sennheiser was that they bore a striking resemblance to my originals. They were black with a bit of silver, had a masculine feel, a jack plug, nice padding and two speakers, both of which fitted over my head, one on each ear. Only one set had a cord attached which was a bit strange. I soon discovered why. Wireless of course! That spells trouble I thought – Bluetooth here and Bluetooth there – surely a nightmare. But no, for my first time, I managed within two minutes. Once done, it simply always does it on auto from now on.

The real pleasure is from wearing them. Snug is the best word. No wonder, genuine sheep leather I’m told.  A firm and secure pressure surrounding my not inconsiderable ears. This reminded me that Jodrell Bank was my nickname at school. Google it if you must. Suffice to say my acuity hears the planets….

Which brings me on to what all the fuss is about. The Sound.

What was I going to listen to first? INXS? U2? Beyonce? Kylie? – Nope. Elton John…err, sorry, did you say that?

So, what, then?

‘Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste’

Yes, correct, it’s the Devil talking from Beggars Banquet, trying to get sympathy. I tell you, the rich sound of those congas and bongos at the start are just something else. Then when Jagger comes in the clarity of his voice makes your hair stand on end. I honestly felt like I was in the recording studio and when Keith and Bill start the woo woos I was visualising Marianne Faithfull handing me a coffee.

Mind you, I’ve just listened to the live, Havana Moon version…it’s even better!

So big tick. The Stones sound great.

I omit one irritating intermission during my listening. My son James walked into the room waving at me like a demented lunatic until I took notice. I lifted up an earcup to the outside world and heard “ can I borrow the car?”. Honestly? “No”.

But wait. All’s well. I popped the earcup down again and not one note lost. Straight back where we left off! No rewind? These headphones really do have some cool features. Select Auto On / Off and playback immediately stops / starts when the earcups are folded open or closed. Even better, as in my case, Smart Pause uses proximity sensors to pause audio when the headphones are removed and resume when put back on! Just as easy is the 3 button interface which gives control of audio or calls. There’s one touch access to Siri and Google Assistant and apparently Alexa will be available shortly. Robyn, my wife, is also currently unavailable. That could change.

But let’s get back to the music and the Sound. My thirteenth year presented me with a new album release in that year from Bowie, Led Zep, The Who, Stevie Wonder, The Who, Roxy Music, Wings and Genesis. Impressive eh? No wonder I wanted headphones.

Yep, I have to be honest, I knew I needed to listen to something which brought together a range of sounds and memories. Elton won over. OK, I know, I know, but hey listen out. Funeral for a Friend is a such a great test of sound effect, evocative organ, striking piano, gradual crescendo of bass, percussion followed by rapid increase of tempo piano. What a mix. Crisp sound beyond belief from my new babies on each ear. It sounded magnificent.

It’s no wonder really; powered by 42mm transducers to produce accurate studio recording. And, by the way, if you’re into movies and stuff, they support codecs including AptX, AAC, and SBC, as well as AptX Low Latency for perfectly synchronising audio with onscreen visuals. OK, someone told me that but I’m sure it’s true.

But take my word, I’m a man of taste, they really are good. I’m not just saying. So, Mick and Reg, both ticks.

If I had time, I’d like to describe in detail the sound of Aladdin Sane, Dark Side of the Moon, Quadrophenia and Band on the Run. Then I’d be showing off.

How about Classical? Look no further than Giuseppe Verdi, Va pensiero and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. This will blow your mind. Seriously, leave the keys to the car on the table. You have the choir and orchestra surrounding you – deep bass and high notes of choir all there in your head simultaneously. Just close your eyes and you’ll be transported to the Royal Albert Hall. And yes, for you philistines, it’s the ad for British Airways if you can remember that far back.

By the way I almost forgot. If you just want to stick them on and not listen to the kids, washing machine, extractor hood, airplane noise then, why not? Just stick the noise cancellation On. Or turn to transparent if you enjoy the sound of homelife in the background of Verdi. Your choice.

In conclusion, I’ll keep it simple. Time has moved on. These Sennheiser MOMENTUM’s were better than my first pair. By some way. The song remains the same, but the quality of the sound takes you to the venue or the studio, whichever takes your fancy. With or without the surrounding audience.

And by the way, you guessed it, soixante. At least in French it sounds like there’s something to look forward to.

PS Of course I know Beggars Banquet was ’68. Call it a red herring.

Via a dedicated button, the MOMENTUM headphones feature one-touch access to voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant, while Amazon Alexa integration will be available soon with a firmware update via the Sennheiser Smart Control app.

Sound performance:

Sennheiser Momentum headphones
Sennheiser’s premium MOMENTUM wireless headphones

The speaker system is powered by 42mm transducers to reproduce the balanced depth and precision of a studio recording. Whether listeners are enjoying music, movies or podcasts or simply want to fine-tune the audio experience to their taste, it is possible to tailor the audio experience with the built-in equalizer via Sennheiser’s Smart Control app. When on the go, Active Noise Cancellation with three different modes blocks out the outside world. Alternatively, the Transparent Hearing function lets listeners enjoy their music and still be aware of ambient sounds in their surroundings – perfect for environments that require greater situational awareness.

Style and design:

Style, headphones, sennheiser momentum

The sheepskin leather of the earpads and pearl-blasted stainless steel sliders express a subtle luxury, they also functionally enhance every interaction. The leather on the padded ear pads and headband is ultra soft for improved wearing comfort, even for longer listening sessions made possible by the 17-hour battery life. Meanwhile, the strong yet lightweight stainless steel sliders and hinges maintain a purity of design while also ensuring the headphones remain robust enough for a lifetime of listening on the move. The folding headband design allows the headphones to fold away in their fashionable fabric carry case.

And impossible to lose

Sennheiser Momentum
Sennheiser Momentum

With the smart TILE technology, the headphones are almost impossible to misplace. The integrated Bluetooth tracker ensures users can find their headphones via the TILE app.

The new MOMENTUM Wireless is available in black as of now for $599.95 AU. A sandy white color variant will be available from November.

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